New Look for GFL Site

Redesigning GFL After several weeks of consultation with Annie and John, I’ve launched a different look for the Generations for Life website. As you can see, we’ve added some pictures across the top of the page, a new banner, and a colorful “Main Menu”. We’ve also simplified the organization of our main pages (the permanent content, as opposed to the blog). We hope that these changes will help to highlight our mission at Generations for Life of helping teens to become pro-life leaders by establishing pro-life clubs as their schools and churches. I’m still working on the coding for some of the features of the redesign. The menus on the left side of the screen will be modified soon such that only the items for the current section (blog, Q&A, etc.) appear there, making navigation a little clearer. Other elements of the page may change a bit over the coming week or two. Comments on the new design are welcome.

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