More Evidence that “Comprehensive” Sex Education Is a Bad Idea

The Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health is at it again. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might remember ICAH. In partnership with Planned Parenthood, they’re part of a coalition whose goal is to strip all funding of abstinence education for Illinois schools and instead require them to use condom-based sex education programs. Last year, ICAH held its annual fundraiser at Playboy‘s executive offices. That event — view the invitation here [PDF] — included a VIP reception with Playboy CEO Christie Hefner, the daughter of Hugh Hefner, who founded the magazine in 1953. Several years ago, Christie decided that the company could make more money by producing increasingly harder-core pornography — something that even her father was reluctant to do for a long time. This year, ICAH’s annual fundraiser — an adults-only event, of course, just like last year’s — is being held at Stone Lotus, “Chicago’s premier liquor spa”. It also promises “A Neo-Burlesque performance by Michelle L’amour”, who is apparently known as “Miss Exotic World 2005”. You can view the invitation here. If you go to Michelle L’amour’s website (as you’ll see below, it’s pretty obvious why I won’t link directly to her site), you get a message that says this :

Disclaimer The Official Michelle L’amour website contains depictions and discussions of a sensual and/or sexual nature. Though this site is NOT pornographic, it is not intended for viewers under the age of 18 and should not be viewed by such. By entering this site you certify that you are over the age of 18, otherwise legally able to access this sort of material and are not offended by it. By deciding to view this site you are agreeing that you morally consent to such material (that includes but is not limited to frank and often humorous depictions and/or discussions of a sexual nature). You further agree to hold the performer known as Michelle L’amour and the creator(s) of this website harmless in any legal matter that might arise from your viewing of or gathering information from this website. If you feel in any way that such material as is contained herein might offend you on any level you should not proceed.

As I said after last year’s event at the Playboy headquarters, doesn’t this tell us everything we need to know about the advocates of so-called comprehensive sex education?

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