Mommy’s Choice?

Mommy's Choice?My cousin Matt, who lives in Indianapolis, sent me an article from the Indianapolis Star about a “sex-ed” rally at the statehouse which included the picture at right, with a little girl in a stroller holding a sign reading, “I was Mommy’s choice.” Lucky for her. Here’s my response—a baby who wasn’t so lucky: Mommy's Choice?I was also reminded of the pictures I’ve seen of a pregnant woman with the words “My baby is pro-choice” written on her belly. I wonder what the baby thinks about that? Mommy's Choice?And by the way, if the unborn baby can have moral and political opinions of her own, doesn’t that mean she’s a real person with a right to life? Then again, how does one even begin to unpack the irony in these bizarre manipulations of children? We know from long experience that children are naturally pro-life. You have to indoctrinate them into the “pro-choice” mentality, dismantling their natural sympathy with unborn babies. Sad stuff.

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