Medical Waste

Biohazard symbolToday at about 2:30PM, I was standing outside the Planned Parenthood facility, praying and trying my hand at sidewalk counseling, when a big white truck pulled into the facility and on the back of the truck was a sign that said “Medical Waste”. My heart dropped as I realized what this truck was really here for and what it meant. I walked quickly to the back of the Planned Parenthood facility and stood all the way down at the end of the sidewalk where there are no trees and you can still see. I watched as the truck backed in. A worker was standing outside holding open the door waiting for the truck. A man got out and took some folded up boxes out of the truck. He went inside. I fell to my knees and prayed for the babies that were being hauled off as nothing more than ‘waste’ – and for the people that can throw those babies away like they throw out their garbage. When I opened my eyes I saw the man throwing the boxes on the back of the truck. I counted five boxes. I know that those babies are already with God but as I watched him throw them onto the truck as if they were trash my heart hurt for what our world has done. I could feel our Christ crying for the innocent blood that was shed and I was reminded of his sacrifice for us. The man at the truck threw in his last box, closed the truck and drove away. I walked back around to the front, across from the driveway, and, with renewed energy and determination, began to speak a little louder an a little more fervently to those entering the doors of the abortion clinic.

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