Mayor Ignores Citizens and Aldermen

Mayor Tom Weisner had a press conference today at 3pm in which he told the press that the city would be issuing the occupancy permit sometime in the next 24 hours. You would think the Mayor of the City of Aurora, Tom Weisner, would be a leader. But, it seems that he has his own plan in mind when it comes to Planned Parenthood. Maybe that’s why he was sick and missed last week’s City Council meeting where almost 200 people signed up to address the City Council. I mean, who want to listen to their constituents when your mind is already made up. When I say, “made up”, I don’t think the Mayor would issue the occupancy permit if “criminal fraud” occurred. But when was it in all the hours of 3-minute speeches to the City Council that we specifically wanted this investigation to be limited to “criminal” fraud? It seemed downright odd that the Kane County State’s Attorney, Barsanti, was brought in. But I thought, so be it, they may have committed criminal fraud. Well, it looks like no one from Planned Parenthood will be going to jail for this one, so far. You could see this coming, the Mayor’s actions that is, when it was revealed that Barsanti was only looking for criminal fraud. Our “beef” with the process that PP took was that they misrepresented themselves and lied to the City of Aurora and to its citizens. They lied to me and to you. It should be someone well know that proving “criminally” takes much more evidence – beyond a reasonable doubt – than it takes to prove a “civil” case – by a preponderance of the evidence. So, maybe PP walked the letter of the law. (And I only say maybe here.) But that does not mean that they were honest or up-front. We all know that they were not. They said it themselves. The Mayor needs to take a big step back. Step back and look at the citizens of Aurora, its government – the City Council, which includes the 12 Aldermen, and what is best for Aurora. The city does not need to allow just any business into Aurora. We do not want the business of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is BAD for:

  • Aurora and the Fox Valley
  • Businesses
  • Neighborhoods
  • Schools
  • Hispanics, Blacks and Minorities
  • Youth, Pre-teens, toddlers, babies
  • You and Me

After today’ press conference, to which the general public was excluded, I heard from one of the Aldermen that they, our elected officials, where NOT given the reports by the two attorneys nor Barsanti, until about 20 minutes before the 3:00pm press conference. Our Alderman were shut out. Why? Why did the city council not have an opportunity to discuss the issue and vote on it? Isn’t that what was promised to the people of Aurora? Well, the fight continues. F.V.F.A.P.P. will not lie down dead. We will continue to pray and to take action to root PP from our city. Ours is not only a cause grounded in our faiths, but in our moral conscience. Planned Parenthood is not open yet! Our fight continues! Be vigilant. Be strong!

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