Chicago’s Magnificent Mile Faces the Truth

Face the Truth outside Victoria's Secret

Sally Polesel holds a Baby Malachi sign outside Victoria’s Secret on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, May 2 [Photo by EJS]

Twenty members of the Pro-Life Action League faced a unseasonably chilly winds on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago for the Leauge’s first “Truth Evening,” Wednesday, May 2. “Our ‘Early Bird’ Truth Days have been so effective that we decided to hit the other end of the clock,” explained League Communication Director Eric Scheidler. The Tour, running 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., was directed at evening shoppers on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

The public was notably more indifferent to the graphic abortion display than they typically are at other downtown Chicago sites. “They reminded me of New Yorkers,” remarked League National Director Joe Scheidler. Most of those who didn’t ignore the signs responded negatively, though a few passersby were supportive.

“Clearly this is an area of the city that deserves more attention,” commented Eric Scheidler. “We’ll have to return and try to break through the wall of indifference. Nobody gets a pass on facing the reality of abortion.”

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