League Issues “Marching Orders” at March for Life

Marching Orders Crew

Some of the Marching Orders crew at the Supreme Court (from left): Joe Gushi, Luke and Dave Skrzypczynski and Eric Scheidler

On January 22, the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Pro-Life Action League distributed “Marching Orders” to the pro-life masses. The attractive oversize postcard invited pro-lifers to take action to fight abortion throughout the year.

“Reaction to the Marching Orders was very positive,” commented League Communications Director Eric Scheidler, “especially among teens.” One of the four pro-life activities the Marching Orders suggests is for students to start up pro-life clubs at their schools. “They were excited to hear we can give them everything they need to start a club.”

Thirty League staff and volunteers passed out twenty thousand Marching Orders, an exhausting but gratifying afternoon’s work. “If we can mobilize even a fraction of those pro-life marchers,” Scheidler remarked, “thousands of unborn babies can be saved.”

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