Male Fish with Eggs?

Whenever I give my talks, I always manage to slip in how terrible birth control is. From a Catholic perspective it’s morally wrong, but I give a few other reasons. First off, most birth control is aimed at women, which is unfair. Secondly, most, if not all birth control for women is harmful. The Mayo Clinic even recently made a connection between contraception and breast cancer!

But the thing that I have found most interesting is this new discovery: birth control is harmful to those who don’t even use it! The saying, “my body my choice” (which is used for all reproductive choices, not just abortion), just doesn’t hold true. No action is ever isolated.

Scientists have discovered that hormonal contraceptives, among other things, are contaminating our water ways. One of the results is male fish with female reproductive organs. A recent article on the subject is here. I’ve heard about this for a while now because of my interest in organic farming, but it’s good to see it making it out into the public.

The scary thing is that many of the hormones that leak into the water system make it into our drinking water! Just think about that for a minute. Males drinking female hormones . . .

Everything thing we do has consequences beyond us, sometimes far beyond us. We are way more tightly connected than I think any of us realizes. Nobody needs to be on hormonal birth control. Even if you are on it for cramps, get off and find an alternative. It’s not worth destroying your health or the health of others.

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