Looks Like We’re Not Going Away

Today’s “Here for Life” Rally had a huge turnout, despite the cold, overcast weather and threats of rain. People gathered from all walks of life to support the gift of life outside the largest abortion mill in the U.S. What a dichotomy. On one hand, you have a group of people offering FREE help and a real “choice” to women in need, and on the other, you have the “quick and easy”, unhappy, unhealthy non-solution for $ALE at PP. Many people began the day by taking a prayer walk around the block, from Oakhurst, to McCoy, to Eola and then to New York. We must keep prayer as our basis. It’s the foundation of what we do – our source of strength for our other activities. On New York Street, our picket began and quickly filled in from Eola Road all the way to Oakhurst Drive. Many people driving by showed support honking or waving. Gifts for the baby shower overflowed the “pack-n-plays” that were setup to collect donations. Today’s baby shower hauled in even more diapers, clothes, and other goodies than our first baby shower. It’s a little funny. Even kids know that the PP mill is not a good place to be. One of them wrote “God has come – get out!!”, with a person running away. Perhaps an expectant mother going to the facility will heed the wisdom of the children. A number of people chose to memorialize a loved one killed by abortion. Even though the parkway filled with crosses, it does not come close to the number of abortions that this particular PP will do if it remains open. Bryan Kemper, President of Stand True – Christ Centered Pro-life at www.standtrue.com, came and spoke to the crowd. He spoke of the horror of abortion that he had witnessed first-hand, and implored us to keep up the fight for life. Thank you Brian for your stance for Life and for your generosity. On hand for our protection were Aurora’s finest. At one point, they even closed off part of Oakhurst Drive to help us to get closer to hear the speaker. Thank you to everyone who came out today. Your active support is greatly appreciated. May God bless you abundantly. And thank you to all the women who chose not to go to PP today. May God give you guidance and strength. ( For more pictures of the day’s events, check out the Flicker gallery at We’re Here for Life Rally by “photosbyus”. Thanks, great pictures! ) ( Additional pictures can also be found at the Picasa gallery We’re Here for Life by AuroraForLife. Thanks to you too! ) Additional Links:

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