LifeSite Does the Right Thing

When you’re in the business of reporting news, accuracy is everything. Thus, it’s never easy to admit you’ve made a mistake. But that’s exactly what LifeSite did today by retracting a story they published Tuesday with the title “German Pastor Sentenced to a Year in Jail for Comparing Abortion to the Nazi Holocaust”. When I first saw the story, I had my doubts whether that was really true. As it turns out, it isn’t. Gerald at The Cafeteria Is Closed explains why. This morning, LifeSite posted a message that says:

CORRECTION: ARTICLE ON GERMAN PASTOR LERLE RETRACTED The LifeSiteNews.com story published Tuesday on the jailing of Pastor Lerle in Germany has been retracted after LifeSiteNews.com was informed that we were working with false information from trusted news sources. While Pastor Lerle has in the past been jailed for anti-abortion activities his current one year imprisonment stemmed solely from charges of holocaust denial and not from comparing abortion to the Nazi Holocaust as we erroneously reported Tuesday. My sincere apologies for this serious error. John-Henry Westen Editor LifeSiteNews.com

Bravo, Mr. Westen, for admitting the error. You did the right thing.

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