Jesus visits and protects

On Monday, at about 12AM the KOC (Knights of Columbus) in full regalia arrived and we wondered why? We knew that such attire was usually left for very important events. Then Fathers Deutch and Barr arrived with Jesus! A small table was quickly dressed with the proper linens and we kneeled adoring Jesus silently for about 15 minutes. It was absolutely noise-less, such incredible peacefulness that I have never experienced at the site. A bit later, Fathers started devotional prayers. Then the sprinklers turned on. They shot out and sprayed in a semicircle as usual EXCEPT for the ones that were to spray at Father and Jesus. INSTEAD, one in front sprayed straight up like a geyser and the other behind bubbled up halfheartedly. It was amazing! it was as if God parted the Red Sea…they continued to malfunction throughout the entire service.In our past visits to the site, there would be an occasional outburst against us by a passerby. But now, a car slowly cruised down towards us. Father Deutch had been reciting a The St. Michael Prayer. At that moment, Father scooped up the monstrance and placed it inside his jacket. The poor souls in the car shouted the most vile, deep, vulgar obscenities and continued as they crawled down the street, made a U-turn at the first apartment driveway and then headed back to New York. It seemed that the car never intended to proceed but had the intent to come just for this. We remarked that it was as if Satan actually swooped down like a bird of prey, circled its meal and then took off defeated. And throughout it all, Fr Deutch never stopped the continuous St Michael prayer. Putting it all into words here seems to lose the enormous spiritual effect that we experienced. All I can say is that it seems that the grounds have been graced and is undeniably under the protection of God who will provide the answer and remedy that we all pray for. Jesus I trust in You always and forever!

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