It’s Always Nice to See E-mails Like This…

…which we recently got from Theresa, a high school senior: you've got mail

I just wanted to say thank you for putting together the amazing Pro-Life Club Curriculum. Right now, I’m a senior at a very secular, very liberal high school, and for my AP Biology class we have to do a bioethics presentation. I have the topic of abortion as birth control. I kept putting off the assignment, because I did not know where to start. Then I remembered my mom had given me the Pro-Life Club Curriculum binder about a year ago, just for information. I spent a long time reading it. It is exactly the approach I need to take to present a persuasive argument to my class. It also solidified once again my pro-life stance. Thank you very much for your efforts in creating such a binder with every possible fact, rebuttal, and pro-life alternative.

And thank you, Theresa, for your compliments! God bless you!

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