Huge Pro-Life Turnout in Aurora AGAIN

After our rally on August 25 that brought out over 1,200 people to the Aurora Planned Parenthood site, Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area CEO Steve Trombley tried to downplay the numbers, saying this was a one-time thing:

Most people spend their Saturdays taking their kids to the soccer game, doing things around the house, and I think as time moves on, people will go back to their normal lives.

As I said at the time, what Trombley apparently doesn’t realize is that fighting abortion is something we do as part of our “normal lives”.

We’re. Not. Going. Away.

That’s why we held another big rally in Aurora on Saturday. Rally Roger of Fox Valley Families Against Planned Parenthood has a great post about the rally — appropriately titled, “Looks Like We’re Not Going Away” — with lots of pictures and links to many more. Check it out! See also the WGN News video coverage of the rally here.


Marcel of Mary’s Aggies wrote to us this morning about a new post on their blog exposing the major problems with a recent Planned Parenthood report in which:

researchers concluded that in order to achieve more “safe abortions”, governmental policies should continue to be loosened to provide access to them.

Marcel also posted on this subject last week.

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