Children Plead for the Lives of Unborn Babies

Kids Vigil [Click for Larger View]

Children’s vigil at north side Chicago abortuary, July 20—See larger version [Photo by Ann Scheidler]

On Friday, July 20, Fr. Stephen Lesniewski brought over eighty children from Immaculate Conception Parish in Chicago’s Brighton Park neighborhood to pray in front of American Women’s Medical Center at Western and Diversey Avenues. “I hope that seeing these beautiful children will open the hearts of the pregnant mothers who come to the clinic Friday morning,” said Fr. Steve, who has been sidewalk counseling since his teens.

Several adults, including many of the parents of the young children, led the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and meditations on the Stations of the Cross, all in Spanish. The League’s Joe and Ann Scheidler and John Jansen were honored to participate in the event.

Fr Steve prayers with kids

Fr. Steve Lesniewski (right) kneels in prayer with children from his parish on the sidewalk [Photo by Ann Scheidler]

Vigils Offers Prayers—And Help

The vigil proceeded calmly and peacefully for more than an hour. During the prayers, a few cars pulled into the parking lot of the abortion clinic. Fr. Steve offered the women information on alternatives to abortion. One car with three women in it stopped to tell Fr. Steve, “We didn’t do anything bad.” They were grateful for Father’s information on crisis pregnancy centers.

One young man was seen pushing a baby stroller out the clinic door. Presumably his wife or girlfriend remained inside the clinic where the staff would be eager to abort her unborn child.

At the conclusion of the prayers, the group of children formed a circle and sang a Marian hymn. Fr. Steve gave everyone a blessing before they boarded their school buses to head back to Immaculate Conception.

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