Encouragement from the Front Line

When I arrived at the Planned Parenthood facility this morning I saw every entrance into the shopping center had pro-lifers with pictures of babies who had been aborted. It was very cold and starting to snow, the people we relieved in front of the clinic were happy to see us and spoke to us about a couple they believe turned away and did not have an abortion. We were encouraged and began to pray and to try to speak with those going in. Several young couples went into the clinic. Pretty soon one came out again and started walking to their car, I asked them to come talk to us and the man (boy?) waved as they got in their car. As they came out of the driveway, he rolled down his window and spoke, saying “we decided not to go through with it.” Smiling widely, I thanked them and offered them the information on places that could help them with the pregnancy crisis. I told them God would bless them for this decision and we spoke of all the peole that were praying for them and who wanted to help them. Both were smiling, the girl with a brightness in her eyes that could only be unshed tears. The boy thanked me and they drove away. Please continue to pray for this couple! Today I know at least two babies lives were saved by our presence. I feel honored and blessed to be used by God in such a way. Please, when you are discouraged, cold, and feeling like we are getting no where, remember that each minute we are out there, a baby, a mother, and a father may be saved – in more ways than one! May God Bless you and keep you warm!

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