League To Protest Pro-Abort Dems at Soldier Field, August 7

The Pro-Life Action League has already picketed Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on separate occassions this election season. But on August 7, the League will picket the entire class of pro-abortion Democratic presidential candidates at once.

The candidates—who have been vying with one another to see who is really the most pro-abortion—will be at Soldier Field on Chicago’s Lakefront, Tuesday August 7 for a televised forum hosted by the AFL-CIO.

Don’t Forget the Real Little Guy!

“Both the unions and the Democratic party claim they look out for the little guy,” commented League Communications Director Eric Scheidler, “but there’s nobody littler or more defenseless than an unborn baby. We’ll be there to tell them not to forget the real little guys.

The protest group will meet at 4 p.m. on the north side of Soldier Field at the sculpture pictured below, on McFetridge Drive, half a block east of Lake Shore Drive (map). It is recommended that participants use public transportation to reach the site.

The protestors will meet here on McFetridge Dr. at 4.

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