“Keep Abortion Out of Aurora!” League Picket Demands

Aurora Picket

Eighty pro-lifers picket at the closed Aurora abortion clinic, May 12 [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

On Saturday, May 12, eighty activists from the Fox Valley region of northern Illinois gathered at the site of a closed abortion clinic in Aurora, IL to demonstrate against any future use of the building as an abortuary. The picket was led by League Communications Director Eric Scheidler, who lives in Aurora.

The enthusiastic group held signs reading Keep Abortion Out of Aurora and Stop Abortion Now, along with Moms for Life and Dads for Life signs. They prayed the Rosary and other prayers and chanted “Life, yes! Abortion no” and “Keep abortion out of Aurora!” Literature on the effort to keep Aurora abortion-free was distributed to hundreds of homes in the neighborhood.

Aurora Clinic, CLOSED since October 2006

The abortion clinic at May Street and Galena Boulevard in Aurora closed in October 2006 when its owner, retired abortionist Aleksander Jakubowski, evicted the abortionist who had been operating there. Since then the building has been for sale.

Pro-lifers across the nation rejoiced when the abortion facility closed. It had been the target of continual prayer and counseling efforts by local activists, who saved hundreds of babies there over the years. But in early 2007 there appeared signs the clinic might re-open, including increased activity at the site.

Stuffind Literature

Volunteers prepare literature packets advertising the April 12 community meeting [Photo by EJS]

The League Gets Involved

The Pro-Life Action League became involved in the effort to keep this abortuary closed at the request of local activists. Eric Scheidler organized a community meeting, which was advertised throughout the neighborhood.

Seventy area residents attended the meeting, which included a history of the Aurora clinic presented by Eric Scheidler, a talk on activism by Joe Scheidler, and remarks by attorney Tom Brejcha on legal issues. Among the strategies discussed was the conducting a picket.

Picket Sends a Clear Message

Aurora Picket

Eric Scheidler leads the May 12 protest at the closed abortuary [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

“We’re sending a clear signal to the abortionists that we don’t want them here in Aurora,” said Eric Scheidler in a press statement in advance of the picket. “Any abortionist considering setting up shop in Aurora should think again. We will exercise our protest rights to the utmost to prevent unborn babies from being killed in our town.”

Response from the community to the picket was overwhelmingly positive, with many drivers honking and waving in support.

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