League Stalwarts Face Winter Winds Spy Wednesday

Mike Busse holds a Malachi sign against a bus shelter with a movie ad reading “What Hath God Wrought”. The same shelter displayed a similarly fitting slogan at the 2006 Spy Wednesday Tour [Photo by EJS]

  • April is the cruellest month, breeding
  • Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
  • Memory and desire, stirring
  • Dull roots with spring rain.
  • —T.S. Eliot , “The Wasteland”

A dozen stalwart members of the Pro-Life Action League launched the 2007 Face the Truth Tour in the face of ravaging, icy winds in downtown Chicago on Spy Wednesday, April 4. On Spy Wednesday the Church remembers the treachery of Judas Iscariot, who launched his plot to betray Jesus on a Wednesday.

The Tour began with an “early bird” site at Madison Street and Wacker Drive, with wave after wave of commuters from the nearby rail stations facing the undeniable truth of what abortion does to an unborn baby.

Pro-Abort Blogs about the Tour

One of those commuters was a blogger named Kai who posted a negative commentary on the Truth Day entitled “Fetus Day”. Calling the pro-lifers “crazies,” she declares, “You are not going to make me decide Roe v. Wade is blasphemous because you made me retch in my coffee this morning.”

The morning concluded with a chilly site along Lake Shore Drive at Buckingham Fountain.

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