America’s Most Wanted Is Missing

Well, she hasn’t been heard of Since Friday, Nov 1. You know who. She said she only stuck around for Mr. Forty-Days For Life. I tried to tell her he never left. He always was here before too. But as all lies go, they are too exhausting to continue. But we are here…for life. As promised, I, Vita T, will go on as always and forever in the lives of the precious people around the globe who know that the innocent unborn and their mother’s need protection and the choice to live. But I know you’re listening, Emily. And we always welcome your voice again. know some of your last words… Emily: Sometimes all I want to do is march over and tell them that we don’t even provide abortions at this particular clinic — when people come to our clinic, they are coming for things like Pap tests or birth control or an STD test. Vita: We are also there for you. And to let you know that you can do so much more for woman when working at clinics where babies are nurtured and mothers are mothered. And so much more for y0urself. You are a wonderful giving person. The forces of good are very powerful and can never be overcome. You are trying to fight against them. That shows that you are extremely strong and perseverant. Those are wonderful qualities of character. It just unfortunate that you are not using those natural character strengths for what they were intended for. You have so much to give and so much to offer. We can help you transition out of the abortion industry and heal. Emily: But I know that telling them won’t make a difference, they’ll still be there every day, trying to scare our patients away and trying to scare me out of serving them. Yes we will be there everyday. For the woman (and men) seeking services. Do not be afraid, we are here for you too. Emily: The woman who always stands at the gate tried to hand me a pamphlet and said, “You should check out this pregnancy center. They’ll take better care of you.” I know the type of “pregnancy center” she’s talking about. They are fake clinics set up to lure in pregnant women. Then they use scare tactics to pressure them out of having an abortion. Right, better care. Vita: Actually not better care, the best care. You see we are not fake clinics. We present all the options, even abortion, but do also let the woman know the risk of death, poor mental health, and physical, reproductive and other health issues if they choose abortion. We provide many other services such the testing. We lure no one. The woman always has the choice, in the end, to chose life or not, for herself and her child. Give them a call and check it out for yourself. Don’t rely on Emily or any Planned Parenthood staff to tell you. Don’t rely on me either. Call them yourselves and hear the Truth. You can find the all phone numbers and websites for the clinics for every state at this link : http://www.prolifeaction.org/faq/ Vita: As promised, I would like to share with you our days at the clinic. A few of the “Pray-ers” and “Sidewalk-Counselors” that you see in front of the Planned Parenthood and all abortion clinics wanted to share with you who they are, what they are about and why they are there. They want to tell you their stories so that you know that there is no reason to fear them. They want to tell you what Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinic will not tell you. They really want to care and love you in your needs… My name is MJV. I was counseling at the clinic on Galena Blvd., a young girl came with a boy for a pregnancy test. Maybe she already knew she was pregnant and was seeking an abortion. The abortionist was there that day. I began to talk to them. I asked the boy if he was the father and he said no. The girl told me she already had a child and had received help from the CareNet crisis pregnancy center in Lisle. She seemed to assume I was connected with them somehow. She seemed very positive about CareNet and seemed to want to reassure me that everything was fine despite the fact that here we were, talking outside an abortion clinic. She looked SO young. Her face just crumpled as she told me her age. “Fifteen!” she gasped. She began crying. They went inside but they came back out very soon. Perhaps she was giving herself time to think over her decision.

I am CR, a sidewalk counselor. The workers at the clinic I counsel at swear out loudly at us. It is non-stop. The poor woman are so frightened. We want to reassure the woman. The clinic person yelling out only makes it worse —the girls are even more frightened. From D.M, a former clinic worker –A couple of the doctors there hated women….And there was a lot of comment-making…crude jokes…sarcasm…touchy-feely type of games with the staff members. Some of the women staff “wouldn’t let any of these guys touch ’em with a ten-foot pole. Yet the same staff told women coming to the clinic that: “They’re wonderful doctors. They won’t hurt you. They’re the best at what they do. He’s really a nice man.” My name is JE, a side-walk counselor. Today I spoke to the clinic worker—I think she must be a nurse or medical helper because she usually wears scrubs. I have spoken to her before. Today she is dressed in street clothes. She said she quit working there. She said she could not take it anymore after I told her the truth: “woman are harmed for life, babies are murdered there.” She said that now she saw everything differently—more clearer since then. From HP: A doctor at my clinic, aborting a fourteen-year-old girl, tore her uterus and pulled the bowel through. He asked me “What do I do?” interpreted that to mean, “What do I do to make sure that this stays under wraps?” Consulting the girl’s medical record, I found that she lived some distance from the clinic and was accompanied only by a friend. So I said, “Poke it back in, and send her home.” Whether she lived or died, I do not know. We didn’t care what happened to her. We cared about what happened to us. Some clinics put women at risk of Hepatitis B or HIV/AIDS infection. If you reuse a vacuum-aspiration cannula you’re going to infect the next person. But when you get busy in a clinic, there is no time to sterilize instruments. I’m sorry. You wash ’em; you repack ’em; and you reuse ’em. I am SH, a crisis pregnancy worker. I used to work at the clinic. I saw how they doctors treated the woman—all lined up so that they could go from one to the next—we had to be ready with the next within 10 minutes. It was all for money. The more they could get in the more money they could make. Sometimes the doctors do their job because they hate women. Then I had the “light turn on.” Now I am honest and upfront with the woman I see. It is their choice. But now they see the other choices that are never presented to them there. Some I never see again. But some I am able to meet later. They are beaming and happy. They have chose adoption and have been able to finish school. They have received enormous amounts of assistance with medical care, housing, food, employment. Some have chosen life and are raising their child. They tell me they received parenting classes and further assistance. Thank you God for waking me up. Thank you for reading. And thank you for your support. If you are in a crisis pregnancy or have questions you would like answered feel free to comment here. We are here to help you. We care about you. If you are a sidewalk counselor or prayer partner please e-mail your stories from the sidewalk. I am Vita T. I am pro-woman, pro-mother, pro-father, pro-child, I am pro-life. Some of the information was taken from an article was first published in Human Life Review, Spring/Summer 2000. Revised most recently in December 2004. Copyright © 2000 & 2004 by Mary Meehan.

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