A Life That Almost Wasn’t

Tim Tebow

2007 Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Tebow [AP photo]

A wise man once said that “every man in the street is a great might-not-have-been”. The story of University of Florida quaraterback Tim Tebow — the first sophomore ever to win the Heisman Trophy — is an example of why this is true. While his mom, Pam, was pregnant with him in 1985, she:

…fell into a coma after contracting amoebic dysentery, a bacteria transmitted through contaminated drinking water. Her treatment required a series of strong medications. As a result of those medications, doctors told Pam the fetus had been irreversibly damaged, and they strongly advised her to have an abortion. She refused because of her faith, she said. Pam spent the last two months of her pregnancy on bed rest, and on her due date — Aug. 14, 1987 — she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who she described as “skinny, but rather long.”

Chelsea at Reflections of a Paralytic has posted video of an interview on ESPN where Tim mentions how his mom decided against doctors’ advice to abort him. [HT: JivinJ]

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