League Fights Planned Parenthood in Denver

Five members of the League, including our attorney Tom Brejcha and activist JT Eschbach, flew to Denver Friday to spend the weekend with Colorado Families Against Planned Parenthood who are trying to keep the new 58,000 square foot mega abortion mill being built on the grounds of the former Stapleton International Airport, from being completed.

More Planned Parenthood Subterfuge in Denver

Planned Parenthood, which routinely lies like a rug, has been panning off the new killing center as a project of United Airlines. We met with leaders of the committee trying to stop contractors from rehabbing an older building and building a huge addition. We presented them with a plan to assist in their project, including many of the programs used in keeping the abortion mill from opening on time in Aurora.

We joined a rally Saturday in front of the mill, a march around the construction site, and held a two-hour rally at the Radisson Hotel.

When the head of the abortion clinic guards learned that the building he was guarding was a designated abortion mill, he quit his job and complained to the head of Weitz Construction Company that he had been lied to. He said he got sick when he learned that what he had been guarding was destined to be a killing center.

At least four other workers also quit. Three simply threw down their shovels and walked off the job, and one working on a sprinkling system resigned.

More than 300 attended the Jericho March led by Eric Scheidler, and 250 attended the afternoon meeting. Planned Parenthood fanatics had scared the hotel management so badly by lying that a “terrorist” was coming from Chicago to meet in their hotel, that management forced the pro-life leaders to hire four armed guards for four hours, at $40 an hour for each guard. They just stood around and looked bored.

A guy called Jim Spencer of Colorado Confidential put out a page of lies comparing me with Eric Rudolph. His blind bigotry was almost funny.

Naturally, he never contacted me to get even a gram of truth. Par for the course.

Personhood Amendments Under Consideration Nationwide

Many of the activists are working diligently to get a personhood amendment for the state. This is front page news in Monday’s Chicago Tribune, under “Rights for Embryos Proposed”. Other states following suit are Montana, Oregon, Mississippi and Michigan. Illinois should do the same. We have the talent and zeal to get it on next November’s ballot. It goes right to the heart of the issue, and could be the truth that overturns Roe eventually.

Higgins’ Cartoon Tribute to Hyde

Jack Higgins’ cartoon in Sunday’s Sun-Times pictures Cong. Henry Hyde surrounded by hundreds of children who were saved by the Hyde Amendment. Henry is sitting in the lifeguard’s perch holding babies on his lap, next to a life saver with “Hyde Amendment” printed on it. Nice thought.

Purity Dances

Another front page Tribune story Sunday by Dahleen Glanton introduces a great idea, purity dances, taking hold across the country. Daughters promise to remain virgins until marriage. Believe it or not it has its critics.

The Pill and Breast Cancer: Why Aren’t Women Being Told?

Dennis Byrne asks in Monday’s Tribune why none of the studies that show that the birth control pill causes breast cancer are being reported to the pubic. Why the big cover-up, he wonders.

He says he doesn’t want to report the studies but wishes someone else would. He got a lot of flak when he made the abortion-breast cancer connection a few weeks ago, and he doesn’t want any more nasty letters like the ones he got for pointing out that fact.

Abortions Up at Cook County Hospital

Meanwhile, abortions are up 78 percent at Cook Country Hospital. The numbers are up for the second straight year. We have two good Catholic men to thank for this mess: Richard Phelan, who reintroduced abortion to Cook County Hospital in 1992 after pro-lifers had gotten it out and were able to keep it out for about ten years, and John Stroger, who promised to double the number as a campaign pledge when he ran for Cook County President, and kept his lethal promise when he became President of the County Board.

Both men will carry these badges of dishonor on their lapels for the rest of their natural lives. The high numbers at County are a mockery, as are abortions done elsewhere in Illinois and across the country.

Aurora City Council Urges State to Enforce Parental Notification Law

And in Aurora the city council has agreed to urge the State to enforce a decade-old parental notification law. Only one person spoke against it, pro-abort NOW President Bonnie Grabenhofer.

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