Truth Truck Impounded in Atlanta

Down in Atlanta on Sunday Bob Roethlisburger was driving Troy Newman’s Truth Truck with graphic abortion signs when he was pulled over by the local constabulary and told that he could not show the “offensive, obscene pictures” to the genteel people of that Southern City, where they used to make Blacks sit in the back of the bus.

Truth Truck Impounded, Driver Arrested in Atlanta

Wrong again, they insisted that Bob take down the pictures, which Bob would not do. So Bob was arrested, spent a day in jail, and bonded out for $1,000. When he got his truck back, the pictures were shredded beyond repair, and the truck damaged.

Troy says it will take at least $1,000 to replace the pictures, and considerably more to repair the truck. Troy will of course sue for violation of Bob’s First Amendment rights, but it is really galling to see the law taken into a policeman’s hands and have your rights violated just because the cops don’t like the truth that you’re telling.

We have had two similar cases during our Truth Tours, and were twice told we could not show them: in the Chicago suburbs of Mundelein and Bridgeview. Our lawyers tell us we are taking both cases to court, as well we should. If we lose our First Amendment rights we have lost just about everything that makes this country superior to others.

Once in Australia I was told I had to put the pictures away and I asked, “… what about my First Amendment Rights?” The officer reminded me that I had no such rights in Australia. So I came home, where we do have such rights. Or do we?

Ken Fisher: Fighting the Good Fight within the KCs

Our hat is off to Ken Fisher of Concerned Roman Catholics of America, himself a member of the Knights of Columbus, for trying to keep the Knights on the straight and narrow, and for reporting on how difficult it is.

In his late press release he tells us that fourteen of the eighteen Knights of Columbus who are members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives voted against putting traditional marriage on the ballot in 2008, thus leaving gay marriage a legal option in that nut state.

These same legislators voted to increase the buffer zones around abortion mills from six feet to 35 feet, thus making it much harder for pro-life counselors to talk women out of abortions. He also reports that six out of the twenty-six members of the legislature did vote right, and thanks them for being true to their pledge to do good and avoid evil.

Ken names names, as well he should. Ken wants those Knights-In-Name-Only expelled but has been told by the Supreme Knight that that will never happen.

Why not?

A Knight takes a pledge to be a good example as a practicing Catholic. That’s what it’s all about. What good is a pro-abortion, gay marriage advocate in the Knights of Columbus? If you want more information on this travesty give Ken a call at (714) 491-2284. He has lots of facts that will curl your hair.

CDC Issues New Abortion Statistics

The Centers for Disease Control is out with a set of abortion facts such as that ten percent of abortions are now credited to RU-486. While 53 percent of abortions are on white women, 35 percent on are on blacks and 8 percent on all others. That means that while whites have half the abortions, the ratio is nearly three to one for blacks. In other words, black women have 472 abortions per 1,000 pregnancies, while whites have 161 per 1,000 pregnancies.

In short, nearly half of all black pregnancies end in abortion, 16% of all white pregnancies end in abortion. And that’s just about the way Margaret Sanger planned it many long years ago.

Some other statistics:

  • Unmarried women have eight times the number of abortions as married women have. The states with the highest abortion rates are New York, Maryland and Massachusetts.
  • Seventy percent of the abortions performed in Maryland were repeat abortions, the highest percentage in the nation.
  • Eighty-seven percent of abortions were D&C or suction abortions, ten percent pills like RU 486.
  • The lowest number of abortions for any state was South Dakota with 814 a year.
  • New York City and the state of Florida were respectively 91,673 and 91,710.
  • Ninety-two percent of abortions were done is a woman’s home state and eight percent out of state.
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