Catholic Bishops: Voters’ Souls at Stake

In probably the strongest statement the Catholic Bishops have yet made concerning abortion and the Catholic responsibility to elect pro-life legislators, a meeting of the nation’s Roman Catholic Bishops in Baltimore on Wednesday said voters’ eternal salvation may be at stake.

Faithful Citizenship

The bishops said it will not be the clergy who will judge them, but God Himself. The document, “Faithful Citizenship,”, says:

It is important to be clear that the political choices faced by citizens have an impact on general peace and prosperity, and also the individual’s salvation. Catholic voters are implored not to support abortion-rights political candidates.

The document does not address whether priests should deny communion to Catholic politicians who support abortion. Too bad.

Judge Rules Moment of Silence “Likely Unconstutional”

Another gutless judge, U. S. District Court Judge Robert Gettleman, guesses that the Founding Fathers didn’t want anyone to take a few seconds to think or pray at any time, or they would be violating the documents these Founding Fathers were drawing up to govern our country, has sided with atheist Rob Sherman by agreeing with him that a moment of silence before classes in Illinois public schools is “likely unconstitutional.”

While it more than likely really isn’t, at least the judge’s ruling makes Rob Sherman happy. After all, Rob wants his religion to be imposed on everyone. One of the Commandments in Rob’s religion is “Thou Shalt Not Pray.”

It’s funny how we Christians have to pretend we don’t have any religion, while atheists like Rob can have their religion forced down our throats at the drop of a gavel.

Both Rob and Judge Gettleman, however, badly need prayers. So take a few seconds and ask the Good Lord to help them find their way to the Truth. After all, the fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” Surely these guys don’t want to be fools.

Coming Soon: a “Monkey-Man”?

It looks as if the stage is being set for eventually creating a “monkey-man.” Researches in Oregon report that they’ve created the world’s first fully formed cloned monkey embryos, and have harvested batches of stem cells from them, thus proving that primates are capable of being cloned.

The clones were not transferred to female monkeys to grow into full-blown monkeys, as has been done with other species, but that will come later. What they’re trying to do is see if the monkey clones’ parts can be used in human beings, since their organs are similar to ours.

Probably combined monkey and human clones would work even better, and that would lead to a monkey-human clone, just a matter of time until they develop a monkey-human being. Scary.

Activists Show Giuliani the Ugly Truth about Abortion

Republican Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani, who supports abortion, had a chance to get a good look at the graphic abortion pictures in Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA this past Monday.

Larry Donlan was driving Operation Rescue’s Truth Truck at a Giuliani fundraiser at Rick’s Cafe Boatyard in Omaha at breakfast time Monday, when Giuliani arrived late, and again at the Village Inn in Council Bluffs, IA where some Ron Paul supporters joined the pro-lifers accompanying the Truth Truck, and calling out to Giuliani.

In Omaha, United for Life Chairman Ann Bowen was able to discuss the evils of abortion with two Giuliani bodyguards outside Rick’s.

One just laughed at her, but the other seemed concerned at what she told him.

STDs Reach Record High Nationwide

As Planned Parenthood sets up its clinics nationwide teaching promiscuity, up, up and away go cases of chlamydia—more than a million new cases last year—the most ever reported in one year.

Also, up goes gonorrhea, hitting new heights, and the same with syphilis, on the rise.

The report is out of the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. And they ought to know.

Brejcha to Appear Sunday Night on Fox News

And finally, good news: Attorney Tom Brejcha, who handled our case, will appear this Sunday night on Fox News Hannity’s America, discussing our fraud case against the Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill in Aurora, IL. The program airs from 8 to 9 PM (central time).

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