Abstinence Education IS Working

A weird story on the Chicago Tribune news services says there is not presently any strong evidence that “abstinence-only” programs are working.

Abstinence Education Is Working

A report supposedly based on a review of the research that has been done, released by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, assures us that efforts to promote abstinence appear to have little positive impact.

Then, just two days later, a study is released by folks on the other side that says abstinence programs are showing a 50% decrease in pregnancies among teens, in those places where the programs have been in use.

It would seem that if chastity programs were actually being adhered to, teen pregnancies would go way down, like to zero. Where abstinence programs have not been successful there is almost always a lack of follow-up.

The program itself is enthusiastically adopted, but not supported by faculty. The worst of all is to tack a contraception alternative onto an abstinence program. It says you can’t possibly do this! Abstinence programs work where they are taken seriously and require follow up measures.

National Right to Life Endorses Fred Thompson

On a recent Action News we recounted that several Republican candidates have become pro-life favorites — Pat Robertson likes Rudy Giuliani; Paul Weyrich wants Mitt Romney; Sam Brownback supports John McCain.

Now we have the National Right to Life Committee’s choice, none other than former Senator Fred Thompson of Law and Order fame.

What NRLC likes about Thompson is his pledge to appoint conservative Judges to the Federal Courts and get Roe v. Wade overturned. It’s certainly a noble consideration. All we need now is for another national pro-life group to endorse Ron Paul, and a religious conservative spokesman to go for Mike Huckabee, and we’re on our way. Where? I don’t know, but on our way nevertheless.

At this point the League loves them all, but couldn’t vote for Rudy without a total conversion—in writing.

Local College Cancels PP Speaker After League Schedules Picket

In local news, Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove, IL near Aurora, had scheduled a Planned Parenthood speaker for Tuesday morning. When Eric Scheidler got the word he put out a notice for pro-life activists to picket the talk with graphic signs, and to go into the auditorium and ask some hard questions from the audience.

Terror stricken, the powers that be at Waubonsee quickly cancelled the talk based on “security concerns.”

Eric’s reputation is going ahead of him to smooth his path.

Whither the Episcopalian Church?

While the Chicago Episcopalians elected a straight cleric, Jeffrey Lee, to be their next bishop, instead of lesbian activist priest, Tracey Lind, it doesn’t sound like much of a victory, since Lee says he believes God is calling Episcopalians to full inclusion of gays and lesbians in ministry of the church. Already sixty-five parishes have broken away from the national church for its support of gay sex.

Rev. Reginald Sey, rector of Holy Cross Church in Chicago, calls it shameful that all of those on the ballot were in favor of the gay agenda. Lee will take up his position February 3.

British Study Confirms the Pill’s Link to Breast Cancer

While the experts on breast cancer keep denying that abortion and the birth control pill are causes of such cancers, a study out of England says women who have taken the birth control pill for ten years have an increased risk of breast cancer and double the risk of cervical cancer.

When they go off the pill the risk drops quickly. But the study says this risk is outweighed by reduced risk for ovarian and womb cancer for women on the pill.

And so the world turns.

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