What Is Pat Robertson Thinking?

Pro-lifers we’ve talked to wonder what happened to the Rev. Pat Robertson, to have so enthusiastically endorsed for President of the United States a man who promises to keep us paying for abortions, to keep abortion legal, and who seems to believe that it is some kind of civil right for homosexuals to get married.

Robertson’s Endorsement of Giuliani a Huge Mistake

Rudy Giuliani got a glowing tribute in receiving Robertson’s endorsement, what with Robertson’s some 900,000 followers in his TV audience alone. Sure, Rudy Giuliani has a great personality and he looked powerful walking around on 9/11 in the dust, where the twin towers used to be. And he had some big successes pulling New York City out of its crime wave and putting the city in better order.

But pro-abortion and gay marriage in exchange for some material improvements and some kind of promise of protect—not good. Robertson has bought just what Rudy has been selling—a strong image but a corrupt theology. Trading away the social issues for a promise of protection from al Qaeda. Abandoning one’s principles is too high a price to pay for a promise of protection.

It’s hard to believe Robertson is serious. It should occur to him that there is a big flaw in the character of a man who supports abortion and homosexual marriage. How can such a person make sound moral judgments in any area of human activity, when he is off-base on the most elementary moral issues?

In these critical times, a winning personality and a promise of protection just aren’t enough.

Weyrich Endorses Romney

On the other hand, Paul Weyrich is endorsing Mitt Romney, the former abortion supporter and gay marriage proponent when he was Governor of Massachusetts, who has reformed and is now pro-life and anti-gay marriage.

Weyrich says he trusts Romney’s conversion and that he will not revert. But Weyrich is getting considerable flak from some pro-lifers who suffered under Romney’s original ideology back in Massachusetts who claim the conversion is for political reasons only. They are very unhappy with Weyrich’s endorsement.

We’ve always respected Paul Weyrich and have usually found his political judgments to be well thought out, and we hope he’s right. After all, people do convert to pro-life. If they didn’t, we’d be in an even tougher fight than this.

When I was interviewed last year by the Boston Globe on Romney’s conversion, I said I didn’t know the man but would never claim without evidence to the contrary that a conversion to pro-life is a political ploy.

Politicians usually convert the other direction, from pro-life to pro-abortion, though others go the right way, like many former abortion doctors and women who have had abortions.

Sen. Sam Brownback, having dropped out of the presidential race himself, is now endorsing Sen. John McCain. So goes our lesson in U. S. History for mid-November, 2007, just a year from the election.

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