Saturday’s “We’re Here for Life” Rally a Huge Success

Saturday’s prayer vigil and protest at Planned Parenthood’s largest abortion mill in the world in Aurora, IL was a huge success with more than a thousand attending and praying that the mill will go away.

“We’re Here for Life” Rally a Huge Success

The folks in that building must suspect that what they’re doing isn’t quite right or why would a thousand people take off a Saturday morning to come out and pray that their business will fail, that they’ll be out of a job and that they will undergo total conversions.

They might even suspect that these ardent prayers may have some power, some efficacy, that there might just be a God listening to these prayers. Of course, what is more likely is that they think we’re crazy. But they had better not count on it.

And why is it that every time their abortion business is alluded to they try to point out that only ten percent of heir business is abortion? Even they must have enough conscience left to be ashamed of what they do, killing little children all day. Besides, only ten percent of what Hitler did was murder Jews, but that’s what he is remembered for.

Rejecting Homosexuality Isn’t Hateful, It’s Truthful

Perhaps only Deborah Douglas could have told it like it is and got away with it. She says in a recent Chicago Sun-Times column that gay rights don’t trump a person’s faith and that homosexuals have no business saying people who have certain moral stands are hateful if they don’t accept certain perversions.

Here’s how she puts it:

As a Christian, McClurkin adheres to a fundamental view of the Bible that condemns homosexuality. I don’t believe that it is the intention of God … Society’s rules stop at the church-house doors, folks. We cannot let our passion for civil rights negate the right for people to hold their heartfelt religious beliefs. Despite what gay activists insist, believing the Bible’s admonitions against homosexuality does not make Christians homophobic. It is not an either/or proposition. If it were, guess who would lose. Christianity has a better PR machine …

She adds that those who condemn Christians who consider homosexuality wrong are really condemning people of faith. To force a change in Christian theology to fit a contemporary social agenda is anathema to the foundational pruposes of the church.

She’s got a point.

Kurey Sets It Right

Hats off to Mary-Louise Kurey for her column on end of life issues, countering a recent diatribe from ex-priest Robert McClory. McClory, like Neil Steinberg, is always wrong, and thank heavens Mary-Louise came along to straighten him out.

It all has to do with feeding sick people. There’s that whole gang of eaters who think it’s OK to starve people to death when the going gets tough, so don’t send your sick folks to Catholic Hospitals because they haven’t seen the light yet, and think starving people and dehydrating them is wrong.

As the ancient rhyme goes: “The times are out of joint. O cursed plight, that ever I as born to set them right.”

Mary-Louise sets it right, but will Bob listen? Nope!

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