Victory for Pro-Life Pharmacist

Well, there’s good news today. Pro-life pharmacist Luke Vander Bleek won a victory in Illinois when a judge ruled that individual pharmacists are covered under the Right of Conscience Law as health professionals. In other words, Vander Bleek does not have to follow a 2005 executive order by Illinois Governor Rob Blajgovich, to dispense the contraceptive/abortion pill Plan B.

Other Pro-Life Pharmacists Await Justice

Several pharmacists were fired for refusing to dispense this pill, since the Governor said they did not come under the Health Care Right of Conscience Act. The case was brought against Walgreens and Osco who had fired several pharmacists for not cooperating with the Governor’s draconian order. The lawsuit will remain in effect as Vander Bleek’s attorneys continue to push to cover all pharmacists.

Holy Cross College Welcomes Pro-Aborts

Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA, a Jesuit operated Catholic School, has rented out its facilities for a conference that will feature the National Abortion Rights Action League and Planned Parenthood workshops. The Bishop of Worcester, Robert J. McManus, issued a frank condemnation of this decision and ordered President Rev. Michael C. McFarland to rescind the invitation.

The workshops will discuss “protection methods” and teen access to low-cost Emergency Contraception. The pro-abortion governor, Deval Patrick, will be honored with a leadership award at the conference.

The Bishop pointed out that the school is giving grave scandal, as these organizations war against Catholic moral teachings. But despite thousands of complaints, Holy Cross officials and President Rev. McFarland say they will not rescind the invitations. The college argues that it is necessary to hear from all sides of the issue of sexual morality.

Berman Column: Planned Parenthood “Not the Enemy”

Laura Berman of the Chicago Sun-Times—who, like Neil Steinberg, is always wrong—has an October 15 column headlined “Planned Parenthood is not the enemy in the abortion fight.” She ought to try to convince Planned Parenthood of that. Planned Parenthood chief honcho Cecile Richards is saying the very opposite.

Berman loves Planned Parenthood and she is delighted out of her mind that it has set up shop in Aurora, IL. She calls its presence there “a windfall”. They’ll get safe abortions, birth control, and all kind of goodies including adoption counseling and placement of little born babies.

She is impressed with Steve Trombley’s mantra that it will prevent abortions, while doing only a hundreds or so a week. Brilliant!

Did you know that the very propose of Planned Parenthood is to prevent abortions! That’s why it performs more than 250,000 a year.

Well, that does prevent someone else from doing them. She is tickled pink that even Barack Obama threw his support to the Aurora move-in. And she pats the clinic employees on the back for “breaking through” the protest lines to care for the women of the community and she ends her goofy column with this song of joy: “Welcome to the neighborhood, Planned Parenthood.”

Tell that, Laura, to the thousands of women who will rue the very day they ever heard of Planned Parenthood, and ruined their lives inside that dark factory.

Tell that to the depressed, the despondent, the suicidal women who will have their babies murdered there and curse the day they decided to enter the dark pit of remorse.

Smile on, Laura, as you welcome the fires of hell into Aurora, and remember the words over the door of every abortuary in the world: “Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here.”

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