Pro-Aborts Don’t Want to Hear the Facts about PP

The League is sponsoring a Face the Truth tour in Indianapolis this weekend. If you are an Indiana caller, meet the tour at 86th and Meridian at 9 a.m., Castleton Square at 11:30 and Lafayette Square at 3 p.m. Last year’s Indianapolis tour was one of our best out-of-towners with ten-to-one positive response.

Hostile Reaction to League’s Postcards

The League recently sent more than 100,000 large postcards explaining the plague of Planned Parenthood to all the residences of Aurora and Naperville. This mailing was expensive, but it had to be done. So far we have received about two dozen letters and phone calls complaining of the mailing and demanding that the recipients be taken off of our mailing list, or else!

We’re not sure what the “or else” would consist of, since it is no crime to send someone a mailing, even if they don’t agree with it. One or two of the calls and cards have been non-judgmental, but most are from angry and enraged people who swear by Planned Parenthood.

One woman said all our statements are lies, despite references for each item, many from Planned Parenthood “fact sheets” and policy statements. Some critics are so full of hatred and foul language that they are hard to read. We’re still waiting for one or two thank you letters.

The postage alone was $17,000 and the card, designed by pro-life artist Michelle Dellinger, is a beauty. We think it is a great card. Here are some of the facts listed on it:

  • Planned Parenthood is America’s largest abortion provider, having committed 264,943 abortions in 2005 alone.
  • They plan to do at least 9,000 abortions a year in the new Aurora death camp.
  • Their children’s sex ed program is disgusting beyond description, and imposed on 9 year old children.
  • They strongly oppose and fight against abstinence only programs.
  • They distribute condoms, birth control pills and abortifacients to teens without parental knowledge or consent, and don’t require parental consent even for teen abortions.
  • They fight all parental notification laws.
  • They encourage pre-marital sex, shield child predators from the law, do not report sexual abuse and do not like babies, calling them “loud, smelly and expensive.”

The local mill lied to get its permit, and if the pro-abortion leadership in Aurora have any integrity, the mill will be closed down for good. Pray that pro-life, the community and the babies win this one.

A “Comprehensive” Study of the Causes of Breast Cancer?

A supposedly comprehensive study of breast cancer in the October 15 Time Magazine gives a gazillion causes of this tragedy, but still skips over two of the most common causes of breast cancer: abortion and birth control pills.

Why can’t they be honest? One in eight women in America are or will be diagnosed with breast cancer, which is one of the most devastating, fast moving cancers known.

Large Scale Study Begins Studying Children at Conception

A Northwestern National Children’s Study will involve 100,000 children from conception until their 21st birthday, and cost hundreds of millions of dollars to find out what causes autism and obesity, does in vitro fertilization cause birth defects, does stress cause asthma, how do electronic devices affect a child’s health, and many more problems.

But note, the study will start at conception, not halfway through the pregnancy. Does that tell us something the baby killers don’t like to admit?

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