Aurora Planned Parenthood Still CLOSED

Apologies to our readers for this delayed message, but there has been a media frenzy around here with the events in Aurora involving the behemoth Planned Parenthood Abortion mill which so far has not opened for its grisly business, even though its official opening date was September 18.

Aurora Planned Parenthood Still CLOSED

Planned Parenthood sued for an injunction against the city of Aurora, to allow the abortion mill to begin operating while an investigation into fraud is being conducted, but was denied in Federal court Thursday morning by Judge Charles Norgle. The Judge will allow Planned Parenthood to reapply, but their current request was denied. The mill remains closed.

Norgle is allowing up to twenty days to reapply. The League’s program in Aurora is being directed by the League’s Communications Director, Eric Scheidler, who is doing a superior job of conducting the “Battle of Aurora.”

The events in Aurora are now national news, with stories on ABC-TV, Fox News, Hannity’s America, stories in the Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times and myriad other media outlets including local news outlets almost daily.

The straight news accounts are usually fairly accurate, but the editorials and columns are most often atrocious.

An editorial Thursday in the Chicago Sun Times headlined, “Let Aurora Clinic Open” is so full of holes it would take a while to patch it up. It says those opposed to abortion find it difficult to see the need for a Planned Parenthood abortion facility. It isn’t difficult: it’s impossible! There is no need.

The editor admits that, “Abortion is a sad, desperate act. No woman wants to submit to it. No woman welcomes the judgment of others on such a personal decision.” Right. So why have one? The editor isn’t sure, but soldiers on, encouraging a killing place in Aurora. It’s legal, he argues.

So was slavery, so was gassing Jews.

The editorial suggests Aurora officials were stupid not to know this was an abortion mill. Well, they know now.

The editor sobs that without this mill women won’t be able to get birth control, prenatal care, cancer screening and treatment for fibroids and sexually transmitted diseases.

Sure they can. A recent study shows that there are plenty of medical facilities in Aurora to handle all these conditions. Not good enough for the Sun-Times. They want the mill in Aurora. We wonder how they’d like to live next door to it.

Zorn Is Hopelessly Wrong

Eric Zorn in Thursday’s Chicago Tribune gets the prize for his opus, “Clinic plays hand dealt by its foes.” This is a comedy of errors.

Zorn calls Planned Parenthood’s deception “straightforward.” In his world “Gemini Office Development LLC” translates into “Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic.”

He calls pro-lifers “long time losers” in the battle for public opinion. He must not have read the results of the poll conducted by the Aurora Beacon: 86% didn’t want the mill in their town.

He says two out of three Americans support Roe v. Wade. Wrong again, since those who have read the twin abortion decisions oppose all or part of it nine to one. We wonder if Mr. Zorn ever read Roe—and certainly not Doe.

Nobody but an abortahaulic could support the irrational, inhuman rulings. Read them, Eric. He says Roe allows “early term abortion.” Yes, and also middle term abortions, and late term abortions when the baby can be born alive. That’s what “partial birth abortion” is all about. It makes a live birth impossible. Live births from abortion are messy.

Zorn is also naive enough to believe birth control blocks abortion. Has he ever read that by Planned Parenthood’s own studies, over fifty percent of women having abortions were on birth control when they got pregnant?

It would be good if people covering abortion stories knew the facts. It’s embarrassing.

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