Planned Parenthood Sues the City of Aurora

Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area and their friends are pulling out the big guns to try to blast their way into Aurora with their looming behemoth of a killing center so they can start the killing on Tuesday, September 18 as scheduled.

Planned Parenthood Sues the City of Aurora

It makes no difference to them that recent polls show that 86 percent of the people in Aurora don’t want their mill. Nor does it bother them that they had to lie, cheat and probably bribe their way into town. They couldn’t care less that property values around the abortion mill will drop, businesses will be hurt, and neighbors will move away.

It’s bad enough that they showed up in the City Council to lie about their being badly needed in Aurora, but now they have filed a lawsuit in the U. S. District Court in Chicago to get an emergency injunction against the City of Aurora, so they can open their mill next Tuesday.

Planned Parenthood won’t wait for the attorney studying the case to see if they committed fraud in getting their permit to build. They are eager to start the killing, and are terrified that the investigation will find them guilty and not let them start. So in comes a federal judge whom they hope will do their bidding.

We are delighted to see Planned Parenthood so scared, and aren’t surprised to see them rushing off to the federal courts to get a favor. But maybe they’ll get the wrong judge, and he won’t give them a permit. Whichever, the abortion Battle of Aurora has just begun, so stay tuned.

“The Most Emboldened Protest by the Most Radical Anti-Choice People”

We were flattered slightly when Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards said Thursday that they are being attacked by the most radical anti-choice people she’d ever encountered and that this is the most emboldened protest she has ever witnessed. That’s us, guys.

Small Group of Pro-Abort Ministers Ask God to Bless Abortion

One of the most blasphemous pro-abortion groups we know is the “Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights.” When we first heard about it nearly forty years ago we got sick. Imagine, people pretending to be religious, asking God to bless abortion. People feigning to be religious yet supporting baby killing are sickening to behold.

We once went to a Rejoice for Choice event in a church in Washington, D. C. It was so sacrilegious that we had to interrupt it. Wednesday night in Chicago a few fake ministers held a prayer service for the Aurora abortion mill to open. The spokesman, Rev. Randall Doubet-King, is an award-winning Planned Parenthood supporter. He and the others feigned prayer asking God to bless the destruction of the innocent and helpless unborn.

We have been fighting religious abortionists for many years. No one can really respect them. They are paid lip service by other abortionists, but no one can trust them when they so blatantly defy the teachings of Christ and the Gospel, “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.

We would like to have disrupted their so-called prayer service Wednesday night, but we were attending a real service, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church in Aurora at the same time the ‘Bort ministers were meeting in Chicago.

While Bishop Peter Sartain told the gathering at Our Lady of Mercy of the value of every human life, the jackals in Chicago prayed that the abortion mill would open and killing commence. Pseudo-churches represented were the usual: Unitarian Universalists, United Church of Christ and the American Baptist Church.

In a Chicago Sun-Times story Thursday reporter Ben Goldberger says the nine clergy at the Chicago Temple said ensuring women’s access to abortion is a matter of social justice and consistent with the lessons of their faiths.

Sick. Really sick.

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