Trombley’s Letter a Big Mistake

Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area CEO Steve Trombley has written to the full Aurora City Council and Mayor Thomas Weisner to attempt to explain that he really had to keep the building of his abortion mill hush-hush, because violent, terrorist pro-lifers would have tried to keep it from being built. He also tries unsuccessfully, after admitting that he did keep it secret, that he complied with all the rules and didn’t really keep it secret after at all.

Trombley’s Letter a Big Mistake

Trombley’s big mistake was sending this letter at all, and Mayor Weisner says he doesn’t quite know what this is all about. And Trombley’s attempt to associate the people of Aurora with the perjured testimony that was used by NOW’s false witnesses against pro-life activists back in 1998 in NOW v. Scheidler is frankly quite serious.

At the very least it is ludicrous, but at the worst it is libelous. Our attorney, Tom Brejcha, has notified Trombley that he must make a public retraction or be prepared to defend each and every accusation he makes. These are his accusations, now, but all of that has been dismissed—twice!

And since the letter was sent to the City Council, Trombley and Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area have put these false accusations in an ad in several area newspapers, thus compounding the whole mess. Trombley may be in over his head this time.

And after boasting that the new abortion mill will open as planned on September 18, a story in Friday’s Chicago Tribune headlined, “Clinic’s opening likely to be delayed,” says as of then no attorney had been selected to study whether or not fraud was involved in the obtaining of a permit.

Mayor Weisner is quoted, “We’re not going to allow operations to begin until we’ve accomplished the investigation.” The attorney first selected by the Mayor was vetoed by the City Council.

Word is out that some pro-aborts will try to defend Planned Parenthood at a City Council meeting this Tuesday at 6 PM and will argue in favor of granting the permit. Pro-lifers will also be present to testify against the abortion facility.

Jericho March Begins This Sunday

Other events surrounding the abortion mill will be the beginning of a seven-day Jericho March this Sunday night at 7 PM, which will end the following Saturday, September 15.

Also, you might want to tune in Fox News’ “Hannity’s America” this Sunday at 8 PM. He has done a piece on the ongoing battle against Planned Parenthood across the nation, with excerpts from the Aurora abortion mill battle. We suspect the piece will not be unkind to the pro-life activists. But we’ll just have to tune in to see what “Hannity’s America” has put together.

I’ll Go Back to Court If I Must

As for yours truly, I don’t like to have lies spread about me, and I have just spent twenty-one years in the Federal Courts clearing my good name against libelous statements made against me by gangs and gaggles of pro-abortionists. But I’m ready to go back to court to clear my name once again if I must. After all, what are a few more years in the Federal Courts. I’m still young—at heart.

R. I. P., Luciano Pavarotti and Dr. D. James Kennedy

We are saddened by the loss of two great and talented men, Luciano Pavarotti whom we heard once in Chicago and a million times on tapes and CDs and TV, and Dr. D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries, whom we marched with in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and from whose pulpit I once spoke to a huge gathering of conservative Christians.

My appearance on Dr. Kennedy’s Sunday evening program once garnered me a “soft landing” by a United Airlines pilot in Omaha, Nebraska, but that’s another story.

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