Aurora City Council Meeting Flooded with Pro-Lifers

You had to be there to believe it. Nearly 300 people packed into the Aurora City Hall chambers while 124 of them had signed up to urge action on the new Planned Parenthood that has suddenly appeared on the scene.

Only two of those to testify were for the mill, two women representing the abortion mentality that says killing helpless, innocent children is a woman’s right. But the other 122 were Christian men women and children who believe in God’s commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

Voices of Pro-Lifers Heard Loud and Clear

Their pleas were ardent, organized and persuasive, absolute gems of reason, fact, and life experiences. One woman had come close to having an abortion, but at the last minute decided in favor of life. A young man heard the sad series of tragedies at the abortion clinics, and related them to the panel.

A business man was practical—an abortion mill is bad for local business; a priest knew the pain that women experience after an abortion, a young girl begged for a decent society to grow up in, while dozens made a plea to keep their city free of child-killing.

Others warned of falling property values, a dark stain on the city, a blight on the city’s character, a plunge into darkness and a dark and hopeless future.

Ann and I stayed to the end, to hear all of the statements and to hear the plans of the Mayor and the City Council. There will be an investigation into Planned Parenthood’s fraud and deception.

We know nothing of the attorney doing the investigation, except that he is supposed to be thorough, will not rush the investigation, and will not try overly hard to finish his study in time for the Mill to open September 18.

It seems there will be input again from the community. We will see.

But while a recent poll showed that 86 percent of the people of Aurora do not want the Black Hole of Calcutta in their town, from Tuesday’s 122 pro-life talks to only two pro-abortion talks, it would appear that the percentage seems even higher than that.

It was a strong sign that the pro-aborts are far in the minority when only two people in town spoke out on behalf of the killing center, and that even they were angry, insulting women with a grudge, with not a decent argument between them.

Grace Has Descended on the “City of Lights”

What occurred to Ann and me as we talked on the way home at two-thirty in the morning, was the clear evidence that a powerful grace has fallen on the city of Aurora, to bring so many good and prayerful people together in a common cause so close to God’s heart—to save young women from the lifelong disaster of killing a child, and to save those children by trying to deny a powerful force for evil from coming into their community.

Their goal is clearly to protect their families, to assure the future of their community, and to serve God. I have said for many years that some day America will begin its long and difficult return to morality. We at the Pro-Life Action League have prayed for that time. We have had conferences and conventions to “Bring America Back to Life.”

Who know, the good Lord may be shedding his grace on little Aurora, Illinois, known as the “City of Lights”. It has to happen sometime, and it has to happen somewhere. Why not Aurora? And why not now?

Say a prayer that this is the Lord’s time, and that this Planned Parenthood downfall will be the beginning of America’s return to Grace.

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