Massive Aurora Protest Draws Major Media Coverage

Read the Action News Hotline Wednesday for a report on a pro-life presence at the Aurora City Council Tuesday night. Pro-Lifers will attend the council meeting to present evidence that Planned Parenthood committed fraud in deceive the city and the people of Aurora by putting an abortion mill in their city under the guise of a general medical center .

The People of Aurora Will Be Heard

For eight months surveyors, crane operators, cement workers, carpenters, plasterers, painters, decorators, and landscape artists built what turns out to be “Auschwitz on the Fox River,” a place of killing, while they were told they were building a health facility.

A poll taken as soon as it was revealed that this is an abortion clinic for exploiting women, corrupting youth and killing babies, showed that 86 percent of the people of Aurora do not want an abortion mill in their town.

Steve Trombley of Planned Parenthood smugly bragged about what they got away with, and couldn’t believe that they had fooled everyone for so many months. But on Tuesday night, if the city council convenes, the people of Aurora will be heard as they spell out the reasons why the vast majority of them don’t want a Planned Parenthood abortion mill in their city. We’ll have a full report on Wednesday’s Action News.

Massive Turnout for Saturday’s Picket

Saturday’s protest drew between 1,200 and 1,500 people. They formed two huge picket lines of over 250 each, a large prayer group along the side of the abortion mill, a Truth Tour team with graphic signs stretching all along New York Street, a cemetery of the unborn, roses, signs and placards for everyone until we ran out, buses back and forth from the parking lot, pro-life pins, flags a speaker’s stand, singing, praying, distribution of pro-life literature, speeches, prayers by priests, pastors and deacons, talks, a benediction, and not even too much police interference since we had taken them to federal court.

The spirit was upbeat, the mood was positive. A small gaggle of pro-aborts clustered across from the march holding “Keep abortion legal” signs.

Even they had an infiltrator with a blue and white “Keep murder legal” sign. The pro-aborts didn’t notice the sign replacing “abortion” with “murder,” and when they left early they invited him to go for coffee with them. When he showed them his sign that translated “abortion” into “murder” they didn’t press the invitation .

Rally Coverage Highs and Low

The Chicago Tribune had run a column on Saturday morning announcing that the Pro-Life Action League had filed a federal lawsuit against Aurora on Friday complaining that Aurora police were interfering with the protest and violating our First Amendment Rights. The Tribune mentioned our 40-day prayer vigil and upcoming protest.

In a five-column headline story Sunday, “Groups join growing protest of Aurora clinic,” they accurately reported that more than 1,000 demonstrators carrying posters with images of unborn and aborted fetuses, flanked the sidewalks near Planned Parenthood, calling for its closure. They accurately quoted Eric Scheidler saying that, “Aurora is in the midst of a historical movement with regard to abortion in the United States.”

They recalled our 40-day vigil that began August 9, and mentioned that two-dozen pro-aborts on were on hand.

The Tribune reporter, Rhianna Wisniewski, also mentioned the City Council meeting Tuesday to be attended by pro-lifers. The Tribune story was balanced and accurate.

But the Daily Herald story by Rupa Shenoy was pretty biased against us, ballooning 14 pro-aborts into 50, and giving the pro-lifers attendance as 500, about a thousand shy. They even call Eric the spokesman for, and we quote, the “Abortion Rights Action League.” I repeat, the “Abortion Rights Action League.”

Give me a break. Nothing personal, but did anyone proofread this story? They did quote Eric and Jim Murphy accurately, but they said we shouted, “Baby Killers,” while no one did.

The Aurora Beacon News story by Matt Hanley was balanced and factual, and we have no major complaint. In fact, nice going, Matt.

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