Pro-Life Activist Attacked in Rockford

If you call Action News before Saturday morning hurry out to the brand spanking new murder factory at 3051 New York Street in the city of light, Aurora, Illinois.

Massive Protest Saturday in Aurora

Starting at 9:00 a.m., hundreds of true patriots who hold to the traditions this nation was founded upon will be protesting the new morality exemplified in Planned Parenthood’s latest tribute to Satan, inside of which will be carried out the devil’s own program of corrupting our young people, killing our babies, and making a mockery of marriage, the family, true religion and God.

Despite the fraud and trickery that got this modern Dachau built in Aurora, under the noses of the city fathers, most of those in power even now shrug their shoulders helplessly and say nothing can be done.

Despite a poll that showed 86 percent of Aurora citizens don’t want the death camp, most of Aurora’s politicians appear to side with the 14 percent of godless wonders who like severing babies’ arms and legs and injecting lethal drugs into their hearts before remove their tiny bodies with forceps and curettes. But as I say, come by and join the folks who don’t want to see their city of light turned into a pit of darkness.

Planned Parenthood Invading Two More Cities

We have learned that Planned Parenthood is invading two other cities with behemoth murder factories in Portland, OR and Denver, CO.

Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood is due to break ground for a $4 million headquarters and mill in northwest Denver. The 50,000 square foot, three-story mill would plan to “serve” five states.

Colorado Right to Life says it will fight efforts to build this clinic, and Planned Parenthood is bracing for opposition. Pro-Life Leader Leslie Hanks says Planned Parenthood gets young girls hooked on birth control pills, which don’t work, and then, being in the business of killing their babies, supplies the abortions. Last year Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood killed 8,000 babies.

Hanks says they may try the plan used in Austin, TX two years ago to get the builders to boycott the project, an opportunity that was denied pro-lifers in Aurora, IL since Planned Parenthood successfully disguised the fact that the building was an abortion mill. More on the Portland clinic in a later hotline.

Pro-Life Activist Attacked in Rockford

In Rockford, IL Tuesday veteran pro-life activist Kevin Rilott was viciously attacked without cause by a man taking his wife for an abortion. Rilott said the man screamed at him, broke his sign, and began hitting him in the chest and stomach. Rilott did not hit back, but while being beaten, had the presence of mind to call 911 and asked for immediate police assistance.

It took the police twenty minutes to respond, by which time the aggressor had gone into the clinic, talked to the owner, and driven away. The police acted as though they thought Rilott had caused the trouble, and would do nothing.

Later the attacker returned with Wayne Webster, owner of the abortion mill and told Rilott that the police would do nothing to help the pro-lifers. Rilott is pressing charges against the attacker. Someone should press charges against the pro-abortion cops.

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