Inside the Aurora Abortion Mill

So what does it look like inside the brand new abortion mill that snuck into Aurora last month posing as a general medical facility? Kristen Zambo, staff writer for the Aurora Beacon, tells us in an article in Wednesday’s issue under headline, “Clinic the largest For Planned Parenthood,” with the subtitle, “Built to Last.”

“A whited sepulcher, filled with dead men’s bones”

Kristen smells cleansers in the air and watches workers unpack boxes in the new nurses’ station. Empty gray shelves, faux wood flooring, decorative wood panels, ornamental lights with sunlight streaming in from windows along the top of vaulted ceilings.

“It’s beautiful,” says Steve Trombley, Planned Parenthood CEO, “and built to last.”

Then Zambo lists the services and ends with “abortion” which she admits already has the clinic embroiled in controversy. She raves about plans for community groups to meet, how affordable services will be, the great demand for such services, and a call center for emergencies. A waiting room with bulletproof glass will accommodate sixty-five patients.

You can bring the whole family, who can wait while you have the newest member of the family killed. Thirteen recovery rooms also, with lots of room for visitors. Video cameras catch what’s going on outside and Kristen sees some protesters maintaining a 40-day vigil. Why would protesters object to such a nice place as this, the largest Planned Parenthood facility in the nation, right here in Aurora?

Why, because this is really nothing but a fancy Auschwitz with clear story lighting.

What Kristen seemed to miss is that this is a haunted house. Small children will die here, if it opens. Sins so terrible will be committed here, that the reality would kill you if you let it register in your soul. But it looks good and smells good and isn’t that what really matters? “A whited sepulcher, filled with dead men’s bones.”

Kristen ends her account with a simple statement: “Abortion protesters, rallied by the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League, plan a demonstration Saturday at the center.” Little does she know that this is the only line in the story with any hope. It tells of the one thing that could save Aurora from becoming another Dachau.

The antiseptic abortion mill she describes is a piece of hell poking up through the ground into her world, and she doesn’t even know it is hell. She is impressed by the decorations, but not with the reality. The foot soldiers outside are the Angels of Light, and she doesn’t know it. Sad.

Letter Writer Hits Nail on the Head

We received a copy of a letter Dan O’Neil wrote the Aurora Beacon recently. We don’t know if it got into print. If you saw it, let us know. We’ll send you a copy for the asking, but here is a paraphrase of it:

“We pray in the quiet of our homes, our chapels and our churches, while you construct clinics to murder our children. And you call us fanatics.

“We gather with our community to pray in support of life while you tempt our children into desperate situations their souls and bodies were never designed for, and you call us fanatics. We stand in public walkways and gently preach the truth about life and love, while you mock and spit on us, and you call us fanatics.

“We pray that the holiness and sanctity of life will be restored, while you sacrifice the blood of 46 million of our children on the altar of immorality and depravity, and you call us fanatics.

“We pray that God will soften your hearts and pour over you his infinite mercy, while you dance around the fires of hedonism on the blood of the holy innocents, and you call us fanatics.

“We pray that the Lord will heal our land while you refuse to recognize that our founders built this country on Christian morality, without which the nation cannot survive, and you call us fanatics.

“Still we pray for the soul of this Nation while you throw around words like ‘choice’ and ‘freedom’ and ‘rights’, when you do not know the meaning of these words that require sacrifice, fortitude, self-mastery and personal responsibility.

“Our lives are about more than what is easy, fun, and convenient. They are about what is good, holy and beautiful. They don’t teach that at Planned Parenthood. You need Jesus Christ, the Way the Truth and the Life for that. And come to think of it, they called him a fanatic, too.”

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