Massive Community Opposition to Planned Parenthood

If you call Action News before Thursday evening and live in the area, try to attend a strategy meeting on keeping Planned Parenthood’s new abortion mill in Aurora from opening in September.

Community Meeting Thursday in Aurora

STOPP Planned Parenthood Director Jim Sedlak will be the main speaker at the Prisco Community Center, 150 Illinois Ave. in Aurora, starting at 7:00 PM. Word is out that some pro-aborts will be on hand from abortion support groups like NARAL Pro-Choice America, Illinois Choice Action Team, and Illinois NOW. They plan to be in front of the Prisco Center.

NOW’s plans are to hold their trademark round blue and white signs that say “Keep Abortion Legal,” and others are encouraged to hold signs supporting the new facility.

Pro-lifers should refrain from answering them except in a polite and non-confrontational manner, even if they make insulting comments to the pro-lifers going into the strategy session, or have insulting and untrue remarks printed on their signs.

Through the years many pro-abortionists have come over to the pro-life side mainly through low-key, persuasive discussion and convincing evidence. We have made two excellent videos featuring former abortionists and their assistants who have converted and are now powerful witnesses to the value of all human life.

Prior to the strategy meeting we will hold a press conference in front of the abortion mill on New York Street. The clinic has changed its address from 240 N. Oakhurst to 3051 E. New York St., but it didn’t fool anyone.

Massive Community Opposition to Planned Parenthood

Meanwhile, the communities targeted to do business with the mill are joining the effort in droves, to see that the fortress never opens or even if it does, that it will eventually have to close down for lack of business. Many churches are sending parishioners to the 40-Day Prayer Vigil.

The Bishops of Rockford and Joliet are involved as are many pastors of Catholic churches, and Protestant churches as well. Right to Life committees are being reactivated, Gabriel Projects to support pregnant women are being launched or bolstered, and members of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic Fraternal Order, have volunteered to take the shifts during the nights.

Yet Planned Parenthood’s Steve Trombley says smugly that neither the protests nor the prayer vigils will stop the 22,000 square foot behemoth killing center from opening on schedule. He is confident that the people of the four counties will welcome with open arms Planned Parenthood’s offerings of contraceptives, abortifacient drugs and devices, ways to contract venereal diseases, maybe some help in controlling these STDs once you’ve got them, youth programs that pervert the youth and encourage promiscuity, and of course elective abortions for anyone including your teenage daughters without your knowledge or consent.

Guess what Planned Parenthood thinks of your community—it thinks you are a Twenty-First Century Sodom and Gomorrah, and that you desperately need their special services to perpetuate your godless lifestyle.

But Steve may not be aware of the power of the prayers of a Christian community. And while this new mill is going up in Aurora, other abortion mills across the country are closing in record numbers, as the battle for life and morality rages.

Continue to check the Aurora Abortion Battle website, For more information on the activities underway to protect families from Planned Parenthood’s new “Abortion Fortress” visit Families Against Planned Parenthood for information, dates, updates and maps.

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