Dems: Don’t Forget the Little Guy!

Plan to join the League at Soldier Field Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 7, at 4:00 at the sculpture at McFetridge drive, a half block East of Lake Shore Drive. That’s the north side of Soldier Field. Look for people in Red Caps and shirts. We will hold the graphic pictures so that the 17,000 invitees to the Democrat Nationally Televised Debate can see what all of their candidates support with enthusiasm—the murder of 4,000 unborn babies a day in this country.

Dems: Don’t Forget the Little Guy

The Democrats have always carried the image of being “for the little guy.” Well, who is more of a “little guy” than the unborn baby? And how do the Democrats treat him? They consign him to the garbage heap. Fifty million little guys have been murdered in this country in the past 34 years and the Democrats make this holocaust part of their party’s platform.

Our conclusion: not one candidate for President of the United States on the Democrat ticket is fit to serve. Be there, then go watch the debate and see if one word is said about the protest which will be seen by all. So much for the unbiased press.

Help Keep Pressure on Lutheran General

Drop by Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge on Saturday, from noon to 2 P.M. That’s 1775 Dempster Street. We recently spoke with a pro-life doctor from Lutheran General who says it is important to keep up a presence there. They have changed policy because of pickets and protests, stopping some abortions, but that there is constant pressure to go back to the more liberal policy.

This doctor said the pickets have a more important role than many realize and said we should keep them up. I will be there on Saturday and I have encouraged the doctor to pay us a visit. But don’t hold your breath – that would take a lot of courage.

Michigan Pro-Lifers to Fight New Abortion Mill

Pro-lifers in Royal Oak, Michigan are experiencing the same problem as the folks in Aurora, IL. A new abortion mill is opening. The infamous abortionist, Dr. Abraham Hodari, well known for his botched abortions—including the killing of a 15-year-old girl who died from complications after a Hodari abortion at his mill in Southfield, Michigan—will be the resident abortionist. Monica Miller will conduct a series of protests to try to stop this mill from opening.

Clinton Sponsored “Health Care” Bill Passes House

A new national health bill introduced by Sen. Hillary Clinton, presidential hopeful, has been voted on by the House of Representatives, and passed 225 to 204. This draconian bill would fund family planning services, including abortifacient drugs; would prohibit money to teenage mothers for unborn child care, thus encouraging tax-funded abortions; expand abortion funding in 17 states that already fund abortions and would force senor citizens on Medicare to drop out of private fee-for-service plans, leading to involuntary euthanasia due to health care rationing.

Leave it to Hillary. If we should have the horrible misfortune to end up with Hillary Clinton as President of the United States, we will watch in horror as one baby killing bill after another gets signed and see the collapse of the little band aid measures we have gotten passed under Reagan and Bush.

Yet I have talked to pro-lifers who had planned to support Hillary until I forced them to look at her pro-abortion voting record in the Senate. There are thousands of good pro-lifers out there who are planning to support her if she is the candidate. There are thousands who will vote for Obama, and thousands more who would vote for Giuliani. For too many good people abortion has simply never become a major issue. There’s a lot of work yet to be done.

Pharmacist’s Lawsuit Allowed

Among the good news, U S. District Judge Jeanne Scott has allowed to proceed a lawsuit filed by a pharmacist who refused to dispense Plan B, the abortifacient drug. In 2005 Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich issued a ruling requiring pharmacies to dispense the drug. Ethan Vanderstand filed a civil rights lawsuit against Wal-Mart for firing him for refusing to dispense the drug. Francis Manion, Vandersand’s attorney, says Scott’s ruling is a huge step forward in the struggle to ensure legal recognition of pharmacist’s right to practice their profession without violating their integrity.

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