Motherhood Makes Pro-Abort Reconsider—Almost

An interesting soul-searching type article appeared in Sunday’s Chicago Sun-Times “Controversy” entitled, “I Am Not Alone in Wavering.” It concerns a dyed-in-the-wool pro-abort who is pregnant.

Pregnant Pro-Abort Reconsiders Stance

Author Sash Brown-Worsham says that as she bonds with her baby some of her pro-abort enthusiasm wanes. She muses: “fetus” or “baby.” She loses some enthusiasm in her support for partial birth abortion. She asks, “If my fetus is actually a baby, is abortion murder?” and while now understanding what the pro-life side is trying to protect, she just can’t bring herself to break with her past.

She is still pro-abortion but with some qualms. She concludes: “I am ‘pro-child and pro-choice.’ My vote is still the same, even as my heart questions.” A blurb accompanying the article says an unscientific poll shows 40 percent of women say pregnancy changed their views on abortion.

Dershowitz’s Blasephemy

Attorney Alan Dershowitz has written a scary book called Blasphemy. What Dershowitz thinks is being blasphemed is the Declaration of Independence.

Since blasphemy is a sin against God, his title is a off base, but worse still is the reason he thinks this document is being blasphemed—he says it is being hijacked by the religious right to protect their religious rights. Alan doesn’t like that one bit, and thinks about the worst thing that can happen to Americans is to use this document to allow Christians to put nativity sets on public property at Christmastime.

Alan sees Thomas Jefferson’s wall of separation between Church and State as just about the most important thing in America, and has made Thomas Jefferson’s aside in a letter to a friend the cornerstone of the Republic and the source from which all freedoms flow.

We think Dershowitz doth protest too much. A nativity set in the public square destroying a nation? Get off it, Alan.

Town Hall Meeting on Aurora PP

If you don’t know about the giant abortion mill being built in Aurora you haven’t been paying attention. Under the guise of a major medical center Planned Parenthood has been putting up this mill during the past eight months, deceiving even the builders.

Steve Trombley of Planned Parenthood thinks it is clever to have pulled a fast one on the hayseeds out there in the four counties. But now that the death camp is up, he expects lots of business from the locals and their wayward kids. Trombley says the need is great, suggesting that their sons and daughters are a bunch of moral tramps who need condoms and abortions, protection from STD’s and advice on how to live like rutting hogs.

We suggest that Planned Parenthood has a very low opinion of these good folks and their offspring, putting an 7.5 million dollar mill in their midst, which is being referred to as the largest PP facility in the nation.

If the people of Aurora and neighborhoods are smart they’ll let the building stand empty. Their children won’t use it, because they won’t need the junk or the services it offers. Who knows, maybe America’s return to decency and tradition could begin in Aurora in the Fall of 2007.

Well, it has to begin sometime and somewhere, if we don’t want to join the ranks of Sodom and Gomorrah. I’m not ready to concede that as America’s fate.

But even if the young people of Aurora are hopeless, and even if their parents have given up on the kids, the rest of us still have to find ways to shut down the abortuary. To that end we’re holding a town hall meeting in Aurora on Thursday, August 16 at the Prisco Community Center at the corner of Lake and Illinois Ave., at 7 p.m. Jim Sedlak, National Director of STOPP Planned Parenthood will be in from Virginia to give us some helpful hints. Come and join the Battle of Aurora in the ongoing War to Bring America Back to Life.

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