Irish Activist Hurt by Police—and Arrested

The League will be out on the streets of Chicago, Joliet, Rockford, Aurora, Evanston, Glenview, Naperville, Deerfield, Northbrook, Niles, Plainfield and Shorewood all next week. So we are posting our next hotline on Wednesday. It will report on the first half of the Face the Truth Tour, and be our weekend Action News all rolled into one. Plan to join us on the Truth Tour.

Pro-Life Activist Arrested in Ireland

Bernadette Smyth of Balleymena, Northern Ireland, founder of Precious Life and the most energetic and effective pro-lifer we know outside America, was arrested last week in Coleraine, Ireland for the crime of trying to stop abortion by displaying the graphic pictures—the same photographs we show on our truth tours.

Bernie’s group had been displaying pictures, handing out flyers on abortion and encouraging citizens to sign up in support of life, when the police arrived. The officer in charge decided that the pictures were “offensive” and ordered the display taken down.

While Bernie tried to explain that these same pictures had been declared legal by the Public Prosecution Service, the constable tried to grab the display but wedged Bernie’s arm between the heavy sandwich boards, causing severe brushing. Then when Bernie told the officer, Constable Peter Olphert, that she would make a formal complaint of his assault, Olphert arrested her for “provocative conduct” and “obstruction.”

He had her thrown into a police van and taken to prison. Bernie was held is custody for two hours and released on bail. Her bruises were severe enough that they required medical attention.

Bernie is charging Olphert with “grievous bodily harm” inflicted during an attack. People who witnessed the police violence against Bernie said they will testify on her behalf. Bernie says she will fight this effort by the Police to silence her because if Precious Life does not show the pictures no one else will, leaving the babies to die.

Our hat is off to Bernie and Precious Life. We called to ask her what we here in Chicago could do and she said she will send us some contacts in Ireland to help her win her case, which she is confident will go her way. We will have this information on our next Action News Hotline. A ruling in her favor would send a message to officers like Constable Olphert to let the truth be told—and shown.

Precious Life has been exhibiting pictures and handing out flyers for ten years throughout Northern Ireland. They have closed fourteen abortion referral offices.

Ireland Celebrates Abortion-Free Status

Speaking of Ireland, a large Pro-Life Rally will be held Saturday in Dublin celebrating the fact that Ireland has remained abortion free despite efforts by many politicians and the courts to legalize it. The rally is at the main post office on O’Connell Street, and will march to the Parliament Building, the Dail, for a number of speeches by celebrities. In charge of the rally is our friend Owen White of Youth Defence, the single most powerful force in the Republic of Ireland today.

Activist Quits Gay Rights Movement

Michael Glatze, a former homosexual activist and cofounder of Young Gay America, has shed the gay lifestyle and abandoned the homosexual movement. Michael says abandoning homosexuality was the most liberating and beautiful experience in his life. He says all homosexuals know that the gay life is wrong, and he says they hate Christianity because it is a constant reminder that homosexuality is nothing but lust and pornography combined.

God gives the grace through Christ to rescue people from homosexuality if they ask, for it, Glatze says, just as he gives the grace of conversion to alcoholics and drug abusers. Glatze says, “Homosexuality equals death. I choose life.”

German Pastor Imprisoned for Abortion Remark

In Erlangen,Germany the court sentenced Lutheran Pastor Johannes Lerle to a year in jail for the “crime” of comparing abortion to the Nazi holocaust. Pro-lifers are being asked to contact German authorities and demand that the pastor be released. The court has denied him his rights of free speech and his freedom of religion. They have also denied him the right to tell the truth. There are 150,000 abortions in Germany annually—and that’s not a holocaust?!

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