Help De-Fund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood commits the most abortions of any organization in the world, and the numbers are up to new highs even though worldwide abortions are down. Planned Parenthood’s deep involvement in abortion is the reason Doug Scott runs a powerful and important organization called Life Decisions International out of the nation’s capital.

Boycott Planned Parenthood Funders

For thirty years Doug has led Americans in a national boycott of businesses that fund Planned Parenthood. He has encouraged hundreds of businesses and social organizations to drop their support of Planned Parenthood. When a business stops giving funds to Planned Parenthood, Doug immediately ends the boycott of that company and notifies his members to stop the boycott.

But the mere threat of a boycott is also a powerful incentive for companies not to put Planned Parenthood on their list of organizations to receive their support. Nearly a dozen companies slated to go on Doug’s boycott list recently reacted to the boycott threat by deciding not to support Planned Parenthood. They let Scott know, and now they will not go on his list. Doug had alerted his members to contact these companies asking them not to support Planned Parenthood.

One spokesman told Scott, “You folks have a heck of an army,” after being heavily contacted by Doug’s Life Decisions members.

Three or four hundred companies have dropped support for Planned Parenthood over the years due to Doug’s national boycott, and prove the fact that on any level of abortion involvement, it is easier to keep abortion out than to get it out once it IN. Scott’s boycotts against Planned Parenthood over the past three decades have surely saved innumerable lives.

Dems Try To Fund Contraceptives

The Democrat controlled Congress is trying to add a memorandum to the Mexico City Policy of 2001 that cut off money for contraceptives to South American countries that provide abortion. The new ruling, if passed, would give at least $441,000,000 to provide contraceptives to these nations. This money would flow once again through the Planned Parenthood Federation as it did prior to 2001, when the figure was half-a-billion dollars.

A pro-life effort to remove this pro-abortion language from the bill, called the Smith Stupak Amendment to the State Foreign Operations bill, is being offered. Call your Congressman and tell him to take the action necessary to keep the pro-abortion language out of the Mexico City Policy.

Clinton Drops Mother Teresa Picture

Hillary Clinton has been asked by Joseph Cella of the Catholic group, Fidelis, to remove a picture of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, from a Clinton campaign video. Senator Clinton said she was proud to have known Mother Theresa, but at the behest of Mr. Cella and Mother Teresa’s own order, she would remove the offending clip.

Sidewalk Counselors Training Saturday

If you’ve always wanted to be a sidewalk counselor and have the tools needed to stand out in front of American’s death camps and effectively talk women out of destroying their unborn children, then here’s your chance. This Saturday, June 23, at 1 p.m. we will hold a Sidewalk Counseling Training Conference at the League Offices, 6160 N. Cicero Avenue, Suite 600. The fee for the conference is only $10 and a snack will be served.

Stop just wishing you were saving lives outside the abortion clinics during the American Holocaust. Come out with the saints and save God’s little ones. Also at the training session will be Kathy Mieding who features in the League’s film, No Greater Joy. This promises to be an afternoon to remember. The conference will last about two or three hours. Call to make your reservation at 773-777-2900.

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