Philadelphia Reverses “Pro-Choice City” Declaration

Our hat is off to the Philadelphia City Council who, after voting last week 9-8 to declare the “City of Brotherly Love” to be a “Pro-Choice City,” decided to take another vote on Thursday and they un-voted Philadelphia’s “pro-choice” label 13-4.

Philly Drops “Pro-Choice” Label

That’s more like it, although the four who voted to keep the “pro-choice” title should get their share of letters, cards and emails, suggesting that they go down and soak their heads in the Delaware River. How dare they vote to call their quaint, historic town a national baby killing center, even if it is. It’s certainly nothing to be proud of.

Some people just can’t seem to grasp the reality of what a truly terrible, low-down, vicious, barbaric thing it is to kill helpless children for profit and convenience. A “pro-choice” city is a “cesspool.” Only worse.

Councilman Frank Rizzo responded to demands pouring into the Council, and he was persuaded to sponsor the resolution to rescind last week’s vote. He said the whole episode was an embarrassment to the city. “I think we should stay away from issues like this that cause division,” he said.

Philadelphia’s Cardinal Justin Rigali had earlier condemned the resolution to call it Philadelphia Pro-Choice, and local pro-lifers were preparing a major protest through the streets of Philadelphia. The Pro-Life Action League had been invited to attend this event about the first of July, in conjunction with the pro-abortion National Education Association Convention being held in that town.The NEA is militantly pro-abortion.

Pro-Abort Stance Hurting Amnesty International

Speaking of abortion supporters, world famous Amnesty International that works to get humane treatment for prisoners has taken up the cause of killing helpless children and it is losing one huge chunk of its supporters. Former members are even getting together to consider forming a new organization like Amnesty International, but that won’t back baby killing.

Abortionists Must Offer Heartbeat Sonogram in GA

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, a Republican, has signed a new Georgia Law that requires an abortionist to offer his customers an opportunity to hear their baby’s heartbeat on a sonogram before they can go through with an abortion. We predict that if the abortionists obey this law, a lot of women looking to have their babies killed are going to walk out of his abortion mill.

Remembering Dad

This weekend is Fathers’ Day, and since we each have or had a father we should make this a weekend of thinking about Dad. My Father, Matthias H. Scheidler, was German through and through, was punctual to a fault, saved everything from string to nails to rubber bands. He didn’t overdress or overspend, but he was always neat—unless he had just crawled out from under a boiler that he had just repaired, or out of the pocket of a coal car he had emptied, or off a platform where he had loaded a semi trailer with 300 pound blocks of ice or a beer truck he had loaded with 100 barrels of beer.

He had been an officer in the army and the founder of six businesses, and he never got over being Boss. But he was a good boss. He was always Sir with a capital “S” to the day he died at 79. He was stern, but kind, parsimonious but generous—especially to the grandkids.

I learned a lot from Dad, and the most important things I learned were not to take yourself too seriously, and to find something funny in every situation. He was a past master at finding humor in the midst of tragedy. And boy, is that a good lesson to practice these days.

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