Zogby Poll Shows Parents Prefer Abstinence Education

I spoke to students, faculty and parents at Christendom College in Front Royal, VA Saturday at Commencement Exercises and must say I was very favorable impressed with everything about Christendom—people, liturgy, location—like a little bit of Heaven at the entrance to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Christendom Commencement Address

My theme was, “To Wait In Joyful Hope For The Coming of Our Savior, Jesus Christ,” which might not have passed muster on a secular, politically correct campus, but it seemed to go over well at Christendom. I also received the “God and Country” award, which is a beautiful bronze medal featuring a Regal Christ and the Christendom Coat of Arms.

The students and faculty are outstanding and the campus is growing with more and more graceful buildings going up each year. If my kids weren’t past college age I’d send them all there. Also on the program was Fr. George Rutler of Holy Savior Church in New York City. He said the Mass and received an honorary Doctoral Degree.

Parents Prefer Abstinence

As much as the Planned Parenthood types, most of the secular media, and nearly all Democrats oppose it, according to a recent Zogby poll nine out of ten informed parents greatly prefer abstinence education to comprehensive sex education that includes contraception and plays down abstinence.

This is exactly the opposite of what we are being told by the secular press and other inventors of the “truth” as they wish it were. These people just make things up and then put them into print, and the majority of people believe just about anything that appears in print. It’s hard not to believe them when their mottos are something as appealing as “all the truth that’s fit to print.”

Breathe Deep, Al

If you have been noticing that you are getting nasty looks as you march around with your children and grandchildren in line behind you, you can blame these nasty looks on the likes of Al Gore and his save-the-earth-from-global-warming gang of gloom and doom. They have decided that people breathe too much and expel all manner of lethal poisons into the atmosphere so that we are all going to die soon from asphyxiation form baby’s breathing, or simply melt from global warming.

We just had a cute little granddaughter named Faith born last week, and she doesn’t take very deep breaths, but we’re still getting nasty looks by people who have twenty-five howling and yapping dogs and thirteen cats and some horses, all of which animals really do breathe a lot.

I’d personally rather breathe some used baby air than a big hairy dog’s expelled breath. Fortunately, our family has become so used to hate looks that we kind of enjoy telling people that we have a new granddaughter who is breathing, and that we have two more on the way—that we know of. So eat your heart out, All Gore, and all you other breathers, and please stop taking such deep breaths.

Mass for the Unborn Saturday

There will be a special Mass for the Unborn this Saturday, May 19, at noon sharp, at St. John Cantius in Chicago. Try to make it. We will.

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