The Truth Hurts But Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Wednesday’s Evening Truth Tour was a smashing success as graphic signs were lined up all along Michigan Avenue from the Water Tower to the Drake Hotel. Two-dozen stalwarts showed up to greet shoppers, school groups, tourists and couples on dates.

Evening Shoppers Face the Truth

The shoppers on the Magnificent Mile reminded Ann and me of New Yorkers—distracted, in a hurry, dead pan. We might have been invisible. I got only three remarks: a middle-age woman said, “I’ve had three! (presumably abortions); an agitated male declared, “There are two things it’s stupid to debate: the Left on gun control and the Right on abortion”; a woman from St. John Cantius said, “Thanks” for being there.

Few took our brochures explaining why we were out there on a cold, blustery evening. But thousands saw the pictures of abortion and it was well worth the effort.

We will be out again with the graphic signs Monday morning, May 7, at 11, in front of the Hotel Hilton and Towers, 27 South Michigan to protest Democratic presidential hopeful, Hillary Rodham Clinton. She is speaking at the Annual Graduate Fundraising Luncheon for Chicago’s Mercy Homes for Boys and Girls, a Catholic organization.

Hillary is the object or our protest, but we admit disappointment that Mercy Homes is at the mercy of the seculars who had the incredible gall and unbelievable bad taste to select a militant pro-abortion fanatic for their speaker.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Katie Wright of the Wilmington News Journal recently wrote an insightful column entitled, “Sometimes the Truth Hurts.” She writes that when the sheriff was called to a local abortion mill the other day, he might have encountered tiny, dead bodies with smashed ribcages, dismembered arms and legs, small hearts no longer beating, and hands curled into little fists as though they had fought for life at the last moment—because that is what abortion is.

But all the police found were some pictures of this reality and not the reality;. Still people were complaining even at pictures, because they don’t want to have to tell their children that this is simply “responsible family planning,” or ” part of the reproductive cycle”—adult excuses for abortion, excuses that children can see right through.

It’s hard to dodge the reality when the photos are in your face. But pictures are not reality. It’s the reality that is offensive: cutting up small children is a “blatant disregard for families” but “a legal activity.”

But Katie isn’t surprised that the police were called. These pictures are offensive. If they had been of the holocaust, or starving people, or crippled soldiers, people would have been upset by the pictures, not at the people showing them. It is only abortion pictures that get the people holding them in trouble.

But the pictures do work. Were slaves treated like the master’s own children, and happy to be slaves? Many thought so. Then came graphic descriptions of whippings and hangings. And things changed.

When we show abortion pictures, people blow the whistle on truth, and hope they can forget what the pictures says about abortion. “But,” write says,

just as the truth about slavery outlived a generation of closed eyes, and just as the truth about the holocaust outlived years of smothering, the truth about abortion will outlive all of us. We can hide it for a while, but not forever. We can dodge it, but it still exists. We can lie about it, but the truth will survive when all our lies crumble. Take it or leave it, it’s the truth, and what you chose to do with it is up to you.” Thanks, Katie. We all needed that. And what we chose to do is show it to the world.

More Planned Parenthood Abortions

Planned Parenthood abortions are up, the Christian Newswire reports. It has the most proficient killing machine in the country, according to Doug Scott of Life Decisions International. In 2005 it committed 264,943 murders of helpless children. That’s a four percent increase over 2004.

They also sold 1,245,506 emergency birth control kits in 2005—an increase of 26.6 percent over 2004. That’s another huge number of additional abortions. Only the Lord knows how many. But he’s keeping track, and Planned Parenthood will answer for every one of them.

Protest Hillary Clinton Monday

Take the morning off Monday, and join our protest of Hillary Clinton at 11:00 AM at the Hilton Hotel. You can brag to your grandchildren one day that you were there when Hillary’s race for the Presidency began to unravel.

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