Abortion Clinic in Mobile Alabama Closes

If you are reading this Action News Hotline before 4:30 Wednesday afternoon, run, do not walk, to the Water Tower on Chicago and Michigan for the first-ever Evening Truth Tour. All of our Truth Tours have taken place on mornings and afternoons but we are inaugurating evening tours that will reach a new audience including the theatre going crowd. This tour lasts from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Hope you can make it.

Alabama Abortuary CLOSED

Yet another abortuary hits the dust as the Center for Choice in Mobile, Alabama now lies vacant and up for lease. Business went down after the registered agent for the mill, Patricia Mitchell, was arrested for reckless endangerment after brandishing a gun at two peaceful pro-life pickets at her clinic.

One Saturday some years ago I picketed four abortion clinics in Mobile. At one, the operator refused to return a fetal model I handed her to look at. I wonder if that was Patricia. She just said “thanks” and rushed into the mill with my fetal model. Later she gave it back after I had threatened to call the police and charge her with theft. Life is never easy.

Protestants and Contraception

How low has the Protestant Church in this country sunk?

Here’s a quick flashback to the Lambeth Conference in 1908, where Anglican bishops earnestly called on all Christians to stop using artificial means of restricting birth; the Lutherans in 1923 accused the Birth Control Federation of America of splattering the country with “slime,” and calling Margaret Sanger a “she devil.” They said contraceptives were the most repugnant of modern aberrations, a renewal of pagan bankruptcy.

Yet at the Lambeth Conference of 1930 the bishops there listened to birth control advocate Helena Wrighton, and voted 193 to 67 approved a resolution that said those who felt a moral obligation to limit or avoid having children altogether, or had a good reason for not practicing abstinence, could use contraception.

Lots of church bodies complained, and even the Washington Post condemned the resolution. But making contraception available within the context of morality soon led to making abortion acceptable, as a solution for failed contraception.

And now, every mainline Protestant church supports contraception and abortions. And they think this is spiritual enlightenment.

At present the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, a square circle organization if there ever was one, is sending an emergency appeal to keep abortion and contraception legal and available.

But the last chapter on Protestants and Contraception hasn’t been written. As we speak, young evangelicals are taking a sober second look at what has been happening, with the publication of such studies as “The Empty Promise of Contraception,” “The Bipartisan Blunder of Title X,” and “Hating Babies, Hating God.” So stick around.

Sixteenth Grandchild

Congratulations are in order for daughter Cathy Miller and husband Waide at the birth of their fifth child, and second girl, “Faith Sienna.” She is too cute even to try to describe. She is our sixteenth grand child with two more on the way. Eat your heart out, Planned Barrenhood.

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