Remembering Our Own AMERICAN Holocaust

Sunday is Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day that makes us think about the terrible crime of the Twentieth Century, the killing of millions of innocent victims by the Nazis during the 1940’s.

Remembering Our Own Holocaust

Some of us have been to the camps in Europe where much of the Holocaust took place, we have read the accounts, the books, seen the movies, met survivors. It really happened despite the naysayers, and it was an unspeakable crime.

But it was not the only holocaust in history and the Nazis were not the only perpetrators of holocausts. There have been mass killings throughout history and there will probably be more, and whether they like to admit it or not, totally civilized nations like ours carry out their own holocausts right under our noses and they vehemently deny their killings it just like many of the Nazis denied, and still deny, the Holocaust.

When we refer to the murder of some fifty-million unborn babies in the United States America’s holocaust, we are derided, screamed at, told put away our pictures of aborted babies and to go away.

Just this week the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform set up its abortion display at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. Some of the student said the comparison cannot be made between those killed in the Nazi Holocaust and those killed in legal abortion. Some said the exhibit is a horrible tactic, that the pictures are gruesome, that it shows incredible disrespect for those who died in the Nazi holocaust and they said that legal abortion cannot be compared with other forms of genocide.

Student Cass Mercer said that they are using the deaths of “all those people to shove their point down our throats. It’s horrendous and it’s abuse of life.” Another student said,” Abortion is choosing a better life, even if it’s not living.” Come again?

Senate Votes To Fund ES Cell Research

The United States Senate has voted to use our tax dollars to fund human embryonic stem cell research, ignoring President Bush’s threat of a veto. The vote was 63 to 34, indicating a number of Republican defections. Two Democrats voted “No”: Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and Ben Nelson of Nebraska.

The White House said, “The legislation crosses a moral line that would use taxpayer dollars to destroy human embryos and that’s a moral line the President said he would not cross, and for those reasons he would veto this bill.” We trust that he will.

An alternate, rival bill backed by the majority of Republicans and supporting only adult stem cells research may soon be voted on, and it could also pass. Democrats say the majority of the American people want the human embryonic stem cell research to get their tax support, but then Democrats will say almost anything that advances their agenda.

The Battle over Abstinence

A Thursday Chicago Tribune story by P.J. Huffstutter says several states are revolting against federal grants going for chastity only programs. They say these programs don’t work, and are too restrictive. They want condom-based programs.

The states refusing chastity programs are Ohio, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Montana and New Jersey. Fortunately, Illinois is still receiving federal money for its abstinence programs, which Libby Macke, of Project Reality, and Barbara Singer of CareNet Pregnancy Services, say do work. So the battle for the souls of our youth rages on.

Disney Courting Gays Again

The whole Disney scene has been getting more and more squirrelly over the years and now they have become outrageous with their recent announcement that they are offering a Fairy Tale Wedding package to same sex couples not only at their Disney World and Disney Land Magic Kingdom sites, but also on their cruise ships.

Apparently Disney thinks more people will support this new program than will oppose it. They think gay-marriage is just the evolution of marriage and obviously they don’t have a clue as to what marriage is supposed to be. But we for one won’t go near anything “Disney” for the rest of our natural life, and we hope you, dear friend, won’t either. So much for Mickey Rat.

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