Why Is Father Pfleger Backing Pro-Abort Obama?

In honor of the most Important Week in the year, we will wave the distraction of you having to read Action News during Holy Week and Easter.

The Challenge of Holy Week

You should concentrate rather on the meaning of this full week of prayer and meditation on the suffering of Christ and His truly glorious Resurrection from the dead. Consider what all of this means to the human race, past, present and future—and what it means to you and to me.

Each Holy Week seems to have its own mood, and it is always a challenge to find the particular areas of our own lives that need special attention. Holy Week affords a review of our spiritual life. It is a time to discover what will be needed in the coming year to draw us closer to Christ, and to understand better the work we have to do to improve our lives and find the special work we need to do to encourage others to look more deeply into their own spiritual lives.

If you want to attend something very special and outstandingly beautiful this Holy Week, drop by St. John Cantius Wednesday night at 7:30 for the Tenebrae Service. Tenebrae means “the Darkness.” If you’ve never attended Tenebrae, this is a must. It only happens once a year and this is that once. You’ll experience intense prayer, beautiful liturgy and religious drama. Don’t miss it.

Ohio Governor Tries To Cut Abstinence Funds

The pro-abortion Governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland, is trying to cut off state funding for abstinence education. He says the abstinence program, which receives only $500,000 from the state, isn’t working.

Apparently he doesn’t think a nine per-cent drop in pregnancies among girls aged 10-19 isn’t good enough, when in fact it is considered phenomenal by experts who find that what really isn’t working is the tired old plan of pouring money into more and more contraceptives.

The majority of Ohio residents want abstinence training in the budget and will fight to keep it there.

Nebraska Pro-Lifers on Trial

Nebraska has an law that bars anyone’s interference with someone else’s right to work, and this includes people whose work is killing babies. Seven pro-lifers in Sarpy County, NB, are on trial for gathering outside the Bellevue home of an abortion clinic worker. The charges against them are unlawful picketing and disturbing the peace.

Police confiscated the protesters’ signs, which said “Karen, Stop the Killing!” and another, “Choice” and showed an aborted baby. Apparently the truth hurts enough to make Karen think twice about working in an abortion mill.

Why Is Fr. Pfleger Backing Obama?

A story in Monday’s Chicago Tribune says Fr. Michael Pfleger, who has been pastor of St. Sabina Church on the South Side for 25 years, will remain at the helm there. The last time he was told that he was being reassigned, he insisted that he stay, and stay he did. Indefinitely.

The Tribune story also says that Fr. Pfleger is backing his old friend, Sen. Barack Obama, in his bid for President of the United States. Fr. Pfleger must know that Barack Obama supports both abortion and gay marriage, and that these objectively mortal sins are opposed the basic moral theology of the Church that Father Pfleger serves.

Fr. Pfleger says in the Tribune article that, “Because I love the Catholic Church I want to keep challenging it to be its best.” We wonder how it can be its best when its priests support candidates who oppose its moral teachings. Support for Obama is support for abortion and gay marriage.

However, Obama has said that he is not infallible, and that he might be wrong. Here is Fr. Pfleger’s chance to help his friend get straightened out on these important moral issues, and in the process help the Church to be its best. Perhaps that is his plan. Let us all pray that at is.

Have a Happy Easter.

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