German Officials Desperate To Curb Tide of Infanticide

A Chicago Sun-Times editorial on Tuesday provides us with a look at the crass materialism that has infested the secular press. It is a call for Illinois to legalize civil unions.

The Curse of Sodom in the Land of Lincoln

The Sun-Times editors insist that Illinois is now ready to accept the sin of sodomy as a legal option now that a House committee has approved legislation already approved in four other states.

The editors don’t call it sodomy, but dance around that word by using euphemisms like same-sex unions, civil unions, and gay marriage.

Even ignoring the moral law that condemns sodomy in no uncertain terms, we find a long historic of disgust and disdain for the practice of same sex relations. Our founding fathers thought it too loathsome to tolerate, colonies had laws to punished offenders, even with death. Offenders were drummed out of the military, and judges sentenced sodomites to long prison terms with hard labor.

While today these practices may seem severe, they tell us how serious those who lived before us viewed the importance of the sacred union of man and woman, the high regard for marriage and the dignity of the family. Their condemnation of sodomy reminds us of their serious concern for the future of our country. And it recalls a time when decency and morality were thought to be worth protecting.

But in our brave new world of liberalism and its adoption of sexual promiscuity and hedonism, the Sun-Times editors are comfortable scuttling marriage, demeaning the family, mocking tradition and risking the future of our country so that Illinois can appear to be progressive like the libertine legislators of Massachusetts.

They think the people of Illinois would do well to put the curse of Sodom on the Land of Lincoln. Michael Cooke, John Barron, Steve Huntley and Don Haynes should be ashamed of themselves. If nothing else, whatever happened to common decency?

Infanticide in Germany

Something sick is taking place in Germany, too. Besides a birthrate so low there won’t be any Germans in Germany in a hundred years, and their country will be overtaken by the influx of Moslems, German women are killing their newborns at an alarming rate. Fox News reports that two-dozen babies have been killed so far this year by beatings, strangulation, being dropped out of buildings, drowned, suffocated and placed in freezers.

The rash of baby murders throughout Germany has prompted city councils to urge desperate mothers to bring their unwanted babies to hospitals where the babies will be cared for. These hospitals have hatches called Baby-Klappe which convey the live baby on a descending conveyor belt onto a warmed crib inside the hospital.

The process takes just enough time that the mother can get away before a bell signals hospital staff that an unwanted baby has arrived in the hospital. The mother can reclaim the baby up to three months after it has been dropped off at the hospital. Drop-off points are hidden from public view and out of range of any surveillance cameras.

The main reason for these child killings is the mother’s fear that the boyfriend will leave her if she presents him with a child. For young girls it is fear of being turned out of their parents’ home.

One woman let nine of her babies die and hid them in planters in her garden. One kept two dead babies in her freezer.

Posters are placed in cities all over Germany directing women to the baby-drops. While only six babies have been placed in baby drops in Berlin since the program was launched in 2003, and there is much skepticism about the value of the program, the baby drops continue to be used and have saved some German babies.

Eight States Consider Abortion Bans

In the good news column are the bills to ban abortion in eight states:

  • Alabama, to ban surgical abortions only with a life of the mother exception
  • Colorado, to ban all abortions with an except to prevent the death of mother
  • Georgia, to assert fetal personhood, ban surgical abortion, with no life of mother exception
  • Montana, to assert fetal personhood, ban all surgical and chemical abortions, with no life of mother exception
  • North Dakota, to ban surgical abortions except to prevent the death of mother
  • South Carolina, to assert personhood, ban all surgical and chemical abortions; a second SC bill is the same but doesn’t assert personhood;
  • Texas, to ban surgical abortions with a life of mother exception;
  • Virginia, to ban all abortions, surgical and chemical.
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