So Clinton and Obama Aren’t Pro-Gay Enough?

Both major Democratic candidates for president, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton, have been under heavy fire from homosexual leadership to swear allegiance to gay rights and admit that sodomy is in no way immoral.

Obama and Clinton: Not Pro-Gay Enough?

Obama and Clinton have both been under the gun to prove their loyalty to the homosexual crowd after they had been tripped up by the media in comments about gays in the military, in connection with the present policy of allowing gays into the military, but only if they don’t admit to anyone that they are homosexual. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is current policy.

It is interesting to see how even the military has distanced itself from tradition. In Revolutionary times active homosexuals were drummed out of the army. General George Washington referred to homosexual acts as “detestable, a malignancy.” Blackstone called them “so reprehensible that one is ashamed to even discuss it.” Other leading figures of the age dubbed homosexual activity “a horrible crime not to be named among Christians, detestable, deserving of death.”

In fact, in many of the states in early years, homosexual acts were punished by death or long prison terms. The military knew that homosexuals infiltrating the ranks were a disaster for morale, and even in our age of rampant promiscuity, ninety percent of soldiers polled still do not want homosexuals in the ranks.

Yet libertines say it is no problem, and even presidential hopefuls have to cow-tow to gay rights leaders or chance losing their votes. But the support for the homosexual life style will ultimately lose them the votes of those who still believe in decency.

Gay Rights Encroachment in Illinois

Meanwhile, right here in Illinois, the plan to recognize civil unions for same-sex couples advanced out of the House Human Services committee this week by a 5-4 vote. It still needs to pass in the full Houses. If it does, Gov. Blajgovich is sure to sign it.

The Bible in Public Schools

An April 2 Time magazine story, “The Case for Teaching the Bible,” by David van Biema says courses using the Bible are currently being taught in 460 school districts in the U.S. More than 60% of Americans support teaching the Bible, and many civic leaders and school teachers say it is absolutely essential to understand the Bible to be able to understand what is going on in almost every area of society.

In 1948 when the McCollum v. Board of Education ruling outlawed religion in public schools, Justice Robert Jackson in a concurring opinion said one could hardly respect a system of education that would leave the student wholly ignorant of the currents of religious thought that move the world and society. “How can he be prepared?” he asked, and remarked, “Putting all references to God off limits would leave public education in shreds.” Prediction is that this effort is here to stay and gaining ground.

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