Fr. Euteneuer versus Sean Hannity, Continued

As the Fr. Euteneuer/Sean Hannity battle over contraception continues, we are reading hundreds of e-mails sent to both parties. You can spend hours reading these letters with the intelligent ones supporting Fr. Tom’s efforts to bring Sean Hannity to an understanding of the Church’s teaching on contraception.

Hannity versus Euteneuer

Fortunately, Fr. Euteneuer was able to explain the whole situation on Drew Mariani’s program on Relevant Radio Tuesday, and it is clear that he did what any good Priest would do, and that is explain, uphold and defend the Church’s teaching on a matter of faith and morals.

Fr. Jonathan Morris recently chimed in to defend Sean Hannity against Fr. Euteneuer, but his letter was pretty limp, and Father Tom easily countered it by explaining the role of a Catholic Priest in the face of heresy.

Our response to the debate was to send Hannity a set of the CD’s from our “Contraception is Not the Answer” conference held last September in Chicago, with a note to Hannity to listen first to Fr. Euteneuer’s keynote address before he does anything else.

We hope Hannity has the wisdom to listen to the whole set of tapes featuring not only Father Tom but an additional seven experts on the dangers, damage and spiritual disaster of artificial contraception. The set of CD’s is a whole education on the evil of contraception and if you don’t have the set, you should order it. Why not have a full course on contraception to support you as you face the crack-pot pseudo arguments the libertines are putting out to excuse their gross behavior?

Meanwhile, we’re a little proud for having had out comprehensive contraception conference last September, because the timing was so right. The issue of contraception is coming out of the closet and is becoming a major issue in the ongoing battle for souls. We think the battle is sure to heat up.

Hats Off to Gen. Pace

Our hat is off to Gen. Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for having the guts to point out that homosexual acts are immoral. He is being screamed at from many quarters for saying so. And even though he moused around a little when he said he should have stuck just to the controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, and not get into morality, he didn’t apologize or take it back.

Meanwhile wimps all over are making fools of themselves groveling to make it clear that since they have no clear standard of morality themselves, why not say it’s okay. Sen. John Warner of Virginia, senior Republican on the Armed Services Committee, says he strongly disagrees with Pace, while Democratic presidential hopefuls like Hillary, Barack and John Edwards, are dancing around the issue.

And a pitiful editorial in Wednesday’s Chicago Tribune suggests that by now our society has sunk so low morally that sodomy can be welcomed not only by the military but by the common man. Isn’t that progress!

Personally, we didn’t like “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and don’t believing gays should be allowed to join the armed forces, but at least if they flaunted it they got kicked out. The Tribune just doesn’t care about morality. Maybe they don’t know what is moral or immoral. Talk about sinking low.

Update: Kids in Gay Parade

We mentioned last week that a group of school children were allowed to march in the pornographic San Diego Gay Pride Parade, with the consent of their parents. A “Silent No More” group in San Diego says “never again” will this happen without their organization protesting.

Spokesmen for the decency group, James Hartline, says his “Not On My Watch” team will attend an April 17 meeting of the San Diego City Council and threaten a boycott of all businesses that sponsor gay events. Heartline says this could be the finest hour in the history of Christianity in San Diego when those who champion decency finally confront the evil programs of the radical gay agenda. We hope so.

Say “No” to Stem Cell Bill

Call your senators and say absolutely “NO” to HR 3S, the Human Embryonic Stem Cell bill. If it becomes law it will force the funding of the deliberate destruction of destruction of human life.

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