Sean Hannity versus HLI’s Fr. Tom Euteneuer

If you have been following the March 9th Hannity & Colmes interview with Fr. Thomas Euteneuer of Human Life International, you are aware that Sean Hannity, a practicing Roman Catholic, challenged Fr. Euteneuer for saying Hannity is wrong on his public support of contraception.

Hannity versus Euteneuer

It all started with Hannity’s off-hand sort of apology for accidentally eating chicken on Friday in Lent. Fr. Euteneuer heard the radio show and said his chicken binge was not a serious matter of discourse since it was accidental at most, but that his public support of contraception is a moral problem that is worth being discussed, that Hannity is wrong supporting it on his radio show.

Fr. Euteneuer on his own HLI web, in a commentary entitled “Sean Hannity’s Gospel” said Hannity was wrong to support contraception and wrong to broadcast a position that defies the church’s teachings. While Hannity says he is a “good Catholic” he plays the part of, according to Fr. Tom, a Catholic who is “rule-bound but juvenile.”

Hannity didn’t like that characterization and invited Father to his TV show where the debate—on contraception, not eating chicken on Friday—heated up quickly. But while Hannity in his own bombastic way barely let Fr. Tom get a word in edgewise, the coup de grace came when Hannity asked Father if he would deny him Holy Communion because of his public support of artificial contraception.

Father Euteneuer said he would certainly deny Sean Communion. Hannity looked horrified! He couldn’t take that. Colmes had to intervene.

Sean, of course, should not have asked the question if he didn’t want to be given a frank though embarrassed answer. Like a good lawyer, he should have known the answer Euteneuer would give before he asked the question. He should have known: Euteneuer is a real Catholic priest, and would naturally admit that Hannity should be denied Communion, being a public figure with a wide audience, many of whom think of him as some kind of an expert on matters Catholic. After all, he was “in the seminary” and “studied Latin”.

While some wimps are now apologizing to Hannity for having been told the truth in no uncertain terms, we sent Hannity a set or our CD’s from the “Abortion is not the Answer” conference we held last September, featuring Fr. Euteneuer and seven other professional speakers on the evils of contraception. And we sent Fr. Euteneuer our congratulations and put him on the list for our “That Took Guts” award.

Obama Speaks at Catholic College

Pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage supporter Barack Obama spoke at Loras College in Dubuque the other day. Loras was founded in 1839 by the first bishop of Dubuque, the Most Rev. Mathias Loras. It still claims to be Catholic. While speaking at Loras Obama reiterated that he is for abortion.

We didn’t even have to be there to announce his support for killing the most helpless of God’s creatures, the innocent unborn. Did anybody at Loras care? Surely not enough to complain that the Catholic bishops have told Catholic institutions of higher learning must not invite pro-abortion politicians to their campuses.

Woman Sues Planned Parenthood for Child Support

A woman in Boston has filed a lawsuit alleging that a doctor at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts bungled her abortion in April 2004 and she had a daughter in December of that year. She wants Planned Parenthood to give her enough money to raise her daughter. She did not have any complications, and Planned Parenthood won’t comment on the charges.

A tribunal of a judge, a lawyer and a doctor will decide if the charges have enough merit to go to trial. What a weird world you and I live in.

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